Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Preeta Informs The NGO Ladies That Mahira Is Her Sautan. Karan Requests Her To Stay In Limits & Remember Her Manners. The Ladies Inquire Him To Help His own Spouse Than Fighting For The 2nd Lady. Rishabh Agrees With Them. He Gets Praised To Be A True Human. They Inquire Him In case Karan & Preeta Got (1) Wedded.

Rishabh Confesses That The Marriage Has Actually Happened, He Is The Witness Of Their own Marriage. He Requests The Family (4) Not To Expect Him To Be Cunning. Sherlyn Informs Them That Preeta Is Rishabh’s Great Friend, So He Is Supporting Her.

Karan Requests Sherlyn Not To Speak Over His own Brother. He Doesn’t Need Sherlyn To Lie. Ramona Requests Karan To Know Sherlyn’s Move. Karan Informs That He Hates Lies.

Preeta Instigates Him To Tell The Fact, In case He Wedded Her By Deceive (or) Not. She Informs Him That He Could Refuse The Marriage In case He Wants To Lie.

She Requests Him To Speak The Fact In case He Dares To. The NGO Ladies Inquire Rakhi & Rishabh To Help Preeta In Getting Justice. Karan Doesn’t Need Them To Query Him (or) His own Family (4). He Gets Rudely.

He Requests Preeta To In Least Respect Their own Old Friendship & Leave The Home. She Doesn’t Need To Leave. She Informs Him That His own Home Belongs To Her, She Didn’t Come To Leave.

Karan Calls The Policemen. The NGO Ladies Tell Him That They Want Police & He Has Helped Them By Calling The Police.

He Informs That The Police Going to Help Him & Afterwards Preeta Going to Apologize To Them. Rakhi Feels Bad That Preeta Taken A Unfair Step By Bringing The NGO Ladies House To Derogate Them. Ramona Requests Rakhi Why Is She Always Speaking Of Preeta. She Blames Rakhi. Kareena Doesn’t Think Rakhi Must Gain Blamed Always.

She Brainwashes Rakhi Over Preeta. Ramona Apologizes To Rakhi. Rakhi Informs That She Didn’t Expect This From Preeta. She Doesn’t Need Preeta To Win Her Heart Again.

On The Different Side, Sarla Feels She Has been Unfair To Think Prithvi Is The Finest Person For Preeta. Her Misunderstanding Gets Clarified Regarding Him. She Has Witnessed His own True Face As of now. She Informs Him That Karan Is Best Than Prithvi.

He Isn’t Dual Faced Like Him. She Lectures Prithvi On His own Cheap Mentality. She Informs That She Going to Never Accept Him For Preeta.

Prithvi Yells In Her. He Informs That She Could’t Offend Him. He Warns Them. He Hates Shrishti.

He Informs That He Going to Make Their own Lives Hell. He Looks For Preeta. Sarla Informs That Preeta Has Gone To Luthra Home. Janki Hits Him To Gain Him Under Curb. Sarla & Shrishti Scold Prithvi & Oust Him From The Home.

Prithvi Wants His own Revenge On Karan, Who Snatched Preeta From Him. Karan Informs Rishabh That Preeta Could’t Be A Right Lady, She Is Greedy For Amount.

Kritika Informs That She Doubted On Preeta On Seeing Her With The NGO Ladies. Bani Informs That Preeta Left The Call On Rakhi & Afterwards Had come Back.

Karan Also Locates Her A Deceive. Bani Wants Rishabh To Realize Preeta’s Fact. She Ensures Mahira That Preeta Won’t Come Inside The Home.

Rishabh Tries To Clarify Karan That Police Going to Help Preeta. Karan Is Sure That The Lady Inspector, Who Is His own Big Fan Going to Not Help Preeta.

Sameer Requests In case Preeta Won’t Gain Justice. Rishabh Is Tired Of Clarifying Karan. Preeta Isn’t Scared Of Police, From She Is True & Actually Wedded To Karan. Karan Talks Of Fact, & Devises To Lie Regarding His own Marriage.

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