Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 23 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Preeta & Karan enter the party, they’re appreciated by this employees & they finally sit on their own table, the function afterwards begins.

The host clarifies that they’re recording the function so anybody who wishes to gain it could take it from them, he advises all this husbands to clap in case they love their own wives.

He jokes that this might be because they’re scared of them, afterwards he clarifies that in case they’re angry with the husbands afterwards sometimes they’d not cook the meal correctly.

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Preeta requests Karan to rest ensured as he’s not that bad & never hides the remote of the TV when he’s watching in that Karan clarifies that this is because he plays cricket & doesn’t see it, Karan clarifies just how she’s just like any different spouse as she also hid the remote to the air conditioner, they’re speaking when Karan sees that a person is continuously staring in Preeta.

He gets tensed afterwards excuses Preeta informing that he’ll return although she stops him in that he clarifies that she shouldn’t love him to the extent that she’s unable to live for even a moment without him, he awhile walking bumps into Mahira & Sherlin however does not recognize them.
The stranger greets him clarifying that he’s a big fan & has liked gathering him.

Karan clarifies that he didn’t like him because the lady whom he’s staring in is his own spouse, the human clarifies that he didn’t have any ambition because he understood Preeta & that plenty of people wished to marry her however never had the strength to talk with her, Mahira is angry in the human for praising Preeta.

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She afterwards purposefully pushes him & afterwards they leave in that Karan is worried because they didn’t even apologize after hitting them both.
Shrishti & Sameer enter the resort, Sameer clarifies that the driver has been flirting with her & even has been obeying everything that she stated, Shrishti clarifies that this is like that with her & everybody who’s in her personal life acts the same & it was due to her aura.

They both approach the reception, afterwards ask regarding room 501, the receptionist errors them for some of the regional reporters in that Shrishti clarifies that it’s not the complaint as Karan is her brother in law & so she’s his own half spouse, the receptionist clarifies just how she’s also his own largest fan & she could also have the same relation as Shrishti by becoming her sister.

Shrishti takes the hand of Sameer & they both run towards the room, she calls the security in panic although the guard clarifies that Karan has gone to the dancing hall so there is nothing to worry regarding. Sherlin brings Mahira to the hall, she requests what has been Mahira trying to accomplish because she purposefully hit the human when he has been praising Preeta.

Mahira states that she can’t bear it & feels Preeta may have hired him to say all these things to Karan, Sameer sees them afterwards pulls Shristhi in that she shouts, Mahira after hearing the voice is sure that Shrishti is near them, Sherlin although is not persuaded informing that it could never happen, Sameer gets panicked in that Shrishti states that she never imagined he has been so scared.

Sameer clarifies that he never desires them to really know they’ve come within the resort, Shrishti clarifies that both of them must be scared in that Sameer clarifies that in case they come to really know that they both are within the resort afterwards they’ll alter their own schedule that they don’t need, Sherlin reports Mahira that she must target on their own schedule as after it’s completed.

She’d be the spouse of Karan, Shrishti & Sameer decide to notify Preeta regarding their own schedule. The waiters service the dinner to Preeta although she requests them to service after some time, Karan takes the human to meet Preeta although she doesnot recognize him, he clarifies that he’s the grandson of Mr Mehra from Nasik.

Preeta has filled with joy afterwards inquiries regarding his own health & requests him to say to Mr Mehra that she’s inquired for him, he requests them to carry on with their own dinner. The host clarifies that it’s time for the main event of the night that is the paper dance & the rule is that they must come close until the paper & as of now, they’d watch who wins the competition.

The host references that Karan Luthra is their own special guest & they really know just how well he plays cricket however they’ve to watch just how well he dances, Karan requests why is she laughing & threatens her to dance well because he doesn’t like to lose, Karna gets a call so has to leave, Shrishti & Sameer come to Preeta clarifying what Sherlin & Mahira are scheduling.

They inquire her to not worry as both of them would take care of Mahira & Sherlin. Karan comes requesting who she has been speaking to however Preeta rejects to tell him. Shrishti & Sameer plead with the waiter to give them a costume although he listens to Shrishti in that she states that this is just how she’s, & everybody is bound to like her.

Karan & Preeta gain on the dance floor & begin the dance, Mahira gets jealous clarifying that the only reason Preeta is getting such medication is that she has become the spouse of Karan even when she’s the right over him, both Karan & Preeta are enjoying the dance when Preeta clarifies that karan wants to inquire some of the queries because this is just how she feels.

Karan requests in case she’s interested in any Mature human in that Preeta clarifies that she’ll not answer & he could imagine whatever he wishes, they both realize that the song has stopped & so they return. Mahira is unable to believe it afterwards she wishes to throw Preeta from that phase, Sherlin stops her clarifying that there have been plenty of citizens within the hall & so she should await for their own schedule to be implemented as afterwards, Karan would become her spouse.

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First episode date: 12 July 2017
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 766
Directed by: Ekta Kapoor’, Balaji Telefilms
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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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