Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 19 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (19-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Mahira states Luthra’s messing with her mind that she even forget the way to her room & wonders why they’re not accepting her as their own daughter-in-law & states they didn’t accept Preeta also as their own daughter still they didn’t throw her out of the home.

She recalls just how Luthra’s got worried for Preeta when she can unable to stand due to weakness & states she could know Rakhi’s love however today she saw love & care in Dadi’s eyes too for Preeta & it didn’t seemed like she’s pretending it & what in case Karan too begins to love Preeta afterwards what going to happen to her.

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She sees Karan & moves towards him & states seems like he’s tensed regarding something. He replies her informing nothing like that.

She states she’s not Preeta & could clearly know that something is bothering him & requests what’s that. He states when she stated she’s going to keep fast for him he didn’t imagined she has been severe regarding it that time.

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She states whenever she talks anything linked to him everything is severe only & states he may think she’ll leave after sometime however that won’t happen because she loves him so much & till she proves that to everybody she won’t go anywhere from here & going to stay with him.

He moves from her informing she’s coming so close to him. She again moves towards him informing they’re spouse & spouse so she could accomplish this.

He imagines she’s nothing for him & desires to tell her to stay far from him & feels helpless because he could’t say that to her as of now.

He imagines she may attempt suicide again in case he states anything as of now, he doesn’t need to wound his own entire family in any way that’s why he’s tolerating her as of now.

She states she feels like he’s racing far from her. He states he’s plenty of female fans & he respects lady so she must think before acting in this way & states he doesn’t really know just how to clarify this & informs her to take care of her & leaves from there. She imagines he respects her too & she’ll gain him for sure.

Sherlyn states she shouldn’t have reported Prithvi that she disclosed regarding her pregnancy to Luthra’s. She states he loves her so much & she too loves him however he makes her angry too & states it’s happening because they’re not together so once they gets avenge from Luthra’s they’ll stay together happily. She informs her baby that she’ll take avenge from Rishab with Mahira’s support & smirks.

Mahira states she’s hungry & no 1 going to support her today & requests why going to anybody tell her to eat when she stated that she’s maintaining fast for Karan. She states she’s Karan’s real spouse & they completes the fasting no issue what & prays to God to give her strength to tolerate this hunger.

Rishab imagines he must be happy (or) tensed he’s not understanding it. Karan requests what happened to him. Rishab scolds him unnecessarily.

Karan understood his own mood is off & apologize to him. Rishab hugs him & apologize to him & requests regarding Preeta. Karan requests what happened to Preeta. Rishab states she has been upset after sargi that’s why he inquired.

Karan leaves from there to see her. Preeta wonders why Rishab didn’t reacted for Sherlyn’s pregnancy because she knows that it’s not his own baby & gets worried for the baby too thinking what going to happen to that baby’s future. She struggles with stomach pain.

Karan notices that & states he doesn’t believe in these rituals so he’ll bring meal for her however she shouldn’t notify regarding it to anybody. She stops him informing she believes these rituals so she won’t eat anything as of now.

Mahira requests Girish regarding meal. He states he put that in fridge. Mahira takes the meal & has been regarding to eat however Sherlyn holds her hand. Kareena & Dadi who had come there sees that.

Kareena states they didn’t enforce her to keep fasting however as of now she’s eating here. Dadi states Preeta’s health is bad still she’s following the rituals.

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