Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 16 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (16-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Karan requests Rakhi why sis she going to Manali, Rakhi orders him to 1st watch the names & after seeing them he’s stunned because it’s himself & Preeta.

Karan states that there is no want however Rakhi references that they both are going to Manali for a vacation as it’s their own honey moon gift, everybody is stunned however Rakhi clarifies that they both as a spouse.

Spouse has the right to spend quality time together with every different as they’re all the time busy with the issues that the overall entire family is facing. So she ruled that they both must spend sometime together alone & must discuss it as a gift from her.

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Preeta states that there is no want because they already really know & know every different quite well. Rakhi exclaims that he’s really quite happy however is not demonstrating it & in case he’s actually that arrogant even afterwards he should go to Manali & spend time with Preeta even in case it’s fighting.

However they must also watch the beautiful mountains as otherwise citizens would say that she wasn’t so generous as even when her son got wedded she didn’t let them go to honeymoon, Rakhi orders Ganesh to bring the suitcases as he’d want to support Karan, Preeta tries to leave although Karan stops her enforcing that she appreciate him for saving her from Rakhi’s scolding, she leaves & Karina also gets mad.

Dadi requests Sameer to follow her as it’s not his own honey moon. Mahira goes to Rakhi questioning why she could permit them both to go to the honeymoon, Rakhi exclaims that she’s the only 1 who could accomplish this & would’ve finished it before however due to the issues she couldn’t accomplish this & even she has been ill however as of now she’s gotten best so must accept the truth that Karan & Preeta are as of now wedded.

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Shrishti is searching for her files however Sarla is tensed & when she locates them queries why is she so tensed, Sarla rejects to say anything afterwards Shristhi requests her to talk with Preeta & pack her warm clothes, Sarla begins questioning Shrishti although they afterwards video footage call Preeta, Sarla requests in case she’s fine as Shrishti stated that she must pack the warm clothes.

Shrishti references that she has been only looking after her expenses as otherwise they’d have to purchase plenty of clothes, Shrishti afterwards clarifies she must go & spend plenty of amount on the new clothes, Sarla clarifies that someone from her home named & it has been Sameer so what has happened, Preeta in a low voice references that she’s going on a honeymoon in that Sarla questions regarding the spot.

She’s stunned to hear regarding Manali afterwards references that she’d pack all her clothes however wonders in case anybody would like them in her home involving Karan as they wear branded clothes, Karan comes deleting the misconception informing that she looks prettier within the clothes that Sarla has made, she ends the call after informing that she’d send the clothes tomorrow.

Sarla begins crying after ending the call, Shrishti requests why is she weeping because it’s a moment of joy, Sarla queries why did she not tell her before although Shrishti leaves after taking her smartphone. Karan requests Preeta why she has been so nervous after mentioning that they have been going on a honeymoon.

Preeta exclaims that the only reason she has been so nervous has been because citizens tend to think something else, karan doesn’t know however Preeta references that she can’t clarify although Karan clarifies that he’d tell her & it’s that they both would be alone in a room with no disruption, he tries to come closer however Preeta leaves the hall.

Mahira within the room exclaims that she has been happy after knowing that Preeta & Karan don’t distribute the same bed & that Preeta also threw him out of the room however instead when Preeta has been to be scolded she got a reward & as of now they’d be alone although Sherlin states that she can’t comprehend what would happen in case the honeymoon become successful.

Karina comes mentioning that nothing would happen as Mahira would be the 1 to celebrate the honeymoon with Karan, Karina exclaims that she’s all the time supported Sherlin however as of now needs her help because she’d take Mahira to Manali & must gain her close to Karan as Preeta would be alone so they could handle her.

Mahira references that she as of now feels that everything would happen as she wants, she hugs Karina exclaiming that she can’t believe just how clever she’s. Shrishti & Janki approach the Luthra home, Janki questions why did she bring her here because she’s a plenty of work although Shrishti states that she could accomplish it thereafter.

They wonder where is everybody in that Janki states that she’s mad because not everybody would’ve gone for the honeymoon. Preeta comes down & immediately hugs Janki, she references that they’ve gotten late because everything was packed & there is no extra space, Janki exclaims that there is nothing to worry as she’s only 3 bags.

Preeta although exclaims that it’s not the complaint as she’s going with The Karan Luthra & he’s the habit of taking all his own belongings, they all begin to joke as Preeta only has a single small suitcase, Karan pleads with them to block as otherwise they’d gain late, when they’re regarding leave Janki imparts them the bag & Shrishti makes a joke that irritates everybody, they all take the blessings of everybody.

Rakhi questions in case he’s kept the address although Karan goes return to gain his own mobile, they all head to the cars when Karan comes after modifying his own clothes, he exclaims that there has been still the other bag so he wore the clothes & left it there. They’re unable to close the car trunk although Karan rejects to take out any bag.

However Shrishti states that she’d accomplish it because they’re going for the honeymoon so shouldn’t fight, Shrishti exclaims that her sister is an actually tough human to keep up with, Janki states that she must give them great information after coming back & it shouldn’t be an issue of worry, Preeta & Karan are unable to know however afterwards leave, Janki advises Shrishti that they must also leave for the home however Shrishti sends her back, awhile she remains with Sameer. Preeta & Karan are within the car, she’s remembering what Janki stated clarifies that she’d not sleep on the bed however instead utilize the sofa within the resort because she’s doesn’t feel comfortable on the bed, Karan is unable to know what he must say.

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  • Shraddha Arya

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