Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Ramoona informs Mahira she should ensure she’s not thrown out of Luthra home anymore, nor she must back to her in tears, instead this time Preeta should cry. She’ll make Preeta suffer like Gayatri.

Mahira recognises her as dad’s ex-wife. Ramoona corrects spouse, she made her ex. Mahira’s dad has been wedded to Gayatri, she met him in a thereafter phase of personal life & fall in love with him instantly.

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She came to know he has been wedded, & his own heart stayed with Gayatri. Ramoona habitually takes what she desires, by hook (or) by crook. She went to any extent to throw Gayatri from his own dad’s personal life.

As of now, Gayatri should be suffering with her old parents. It wasn’t Gayatri’s post, it has been hers (Ramoona’s). Mahira remembers that dad left Gayatri because

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Ramoona corrects it has been all lie. She’d introduced it to Mahira’s dad as fact. She desired her dad, & she did anything to gain him. She believes Mahira should also accomplish something like this. Mahira states Ramoona’s post is simple, because Gayatri has been simple.

Ramoona sits with Mahira & states it’s never easy to take a spouse far from any spouse. Mahira should follow her footprints & Karan going to be hers. Mahira states she desires to gain Karan.

That Preeta challenged her that she’s & going to all the time be a friend only. Ramoona suggests Mahira to keep a Karwachot fast for Karan tomorrow, & with complete heart & zeal. Mahira agrees.

In house, Dadi agrees to all 5 circumstances of Rakhi & informs her to take rest. Dadi repeats all circumstances, firstly she’ll handle all matters of Karwachot.

Secondly, she’ll ensure she performs all rituals of Preeta’s 1st Karwachot. Thirdly, she should behave well with Preeta. She states it’s tough, however she’ll ensure Preeta feels she loves Preeta even over Rakhi.

Fourthly, she won’t snatch Preeta’s rights in any complaint & privilege Mahira. Lastly, she’ll make the Karwachot memorable for everyone daughter in laws of Luthra home. She as of now takes Rakhi’s assure to take rest & sleep.

Preeta has been in her room setting dresses. She remembers it’s her 2nd Karwachot tomorrow. She’d finished this fast once previously as well, & recalls Karan helped her break her fast.

She remembers a lady in temple advised her to fast for her spouse, this fast rises the age of relationships. Preeta has been pleased that this time she’ll be fasting in her own home.

Sarla Saturday upset in her home. She addresses with Janki that it’s Karwachot tomorrow. Shrishti teases that Janki won’t fast.

Janki jokes that Jaya Bachan must fast for her spouse, she could obviously not fast for Amitabh. Sarla has been disturbed & worries for Preeta’s Karwachot. Shrishti makes a video footage call to Preeta. Sarla speaks to Preeta that it’s her 1st Karwachot, no issue what goes on in her home & entire family, she should fast for Karan in any cost.

She informs Preeta each newly-wed should fast within the name of Goddess Garwa, who’ll spread love, affection & understanding in her relationship. Sarla states Rakhi going to gift her Sargi early in the morning & bless her for a healthy relationship with her spouse.

Preeta addresses with Sarla that Karan does nothing to be worthy of her fast. Karan comes to the room afterwards. Preeta complains that Karan hadn’t even asked her regarding her wounded forehead on the day of reception.

Karan snatches the phone from Preeta & complains to Sarla. He states he asked Preeta where she were on the day of reception, however she didn’t tell.

He has been disturbed & although he observed the wound however didn’t console. Preeta’s entire family agree to Karan that no 1 feels pity for anybody when angry. Preeta has been annoyed & cuts the call.

Shrishti wonders in case they love due to fights (or) fight because they love every different. Janki states the 2nd 1 is relevant. Sarla prays for rise in their own love.

Karan informs Preeta she’s jealous whenever someone is his own side. Preeta rejects. Karan requests why she cut the call. Preeta states it’s anger because her entire family taken his own side.

Karan argues it has been jealousy, not anger. Preeta states alright, its great that her entire family sides him. Her entire family knows the importance of relations. Sarla understood he’s their own son in law, & Shrishti’s brother in law.

Karan makes Preeta sit & states he’s all the time right. Preeta stops the argument. Karan continues that she got a plenty of ego, no issue she states this to him. Preeta requests him to clear what he’s to say, he should be confident to stand eye to eye & say what’s in his own heart. She hates this habit.

Karan laughs that Preeta doesn’t hate him, she really loves him; that is why she’s fasting for him. Preeta states each spouse fasts for her spouse. Karan states that as per Dadi wives fast for spouse’s personal life so they could live with their own husbands for longer. Preeta also desires so.

Preeta clarifies this is not the complaint. Karan has been offended & states he hates citizens who doesn’t reply to his own queries. Preeta requests what his own query is. Karan states Preeta didn’t tell him just how she has been wounded. Preeta states alright, he cares afterwards. Karan accepts that he cares. Preeta lies that she felt drowsy.

Karan catches her lie. Preeta states she felt drowsy, fallen & got wounded. Karan states Preeta is wounded every day in her heart, whenever Mahira comes close. Preeta rejects feeling jealous of Mahira. Karan states Mahira cares for him, loves him as well & might fast for him as well. Preeta has been annoyed & states Mahira might accomplish it.

Karwachot is a ritual & only wives keep the fast, it doesn’t issue in case everybody within the globe fasts. Karan pulls Preeta closer, requesting in case she doesn’t care someone gets this close to him. She replies no.

He pulls her closer, she replies no. He as of now hugs Preeta. Preeta hugs Karan back, to his own relief. When they part, Preeta states she doesn’t care in case Mahira fast for him (or) not. She turns to give medicine to Rakhi.

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