Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Prachi decides to break Ranbir marriage with Maya

The daily episode begins with Aliya leaves after exchanging the phone. Riya circular this & states she’s fine & congratulate Prachi. Police requests Ranbir to sign. Vikram gratitude Pragya for allowing Prachi to work (5) with them. Pallavi states I never permit Ranbir to work (5) in same firm in case he’s Prachi place & you’re so great. Pragya states even you’re great.

Pallavi gets call from Beeji informing Maya bade dad is awaiting for them in house with Shagun. Pallavi states they’ll take (2) time to approach house. Dushyant states it’s fine & leaves informing tomorrow is the wedding. Pallavi reports them regarding this information & everybody gets stunned.

Sarla awaits anxiously for Prachi arrival. Shahana requests her to await however than Prachi comes to house. Sarla happily hugs her & requests regarding where Is Pragya & who’s thief. Prachi states mom went to support Diya to develop Kadha & real criminal is Sanju & some of the lady is with him & she’s mastermind.

They gets stunned. In that time Dushyant comes to their own house & states their own address to Maya & her mom than requests them to don’t come to Ranbir marriage with Maya because you persons are uninvited & in case you don’t know this than I’ll clarify you in the other language.

Riya requests them repatriate shagun informing he could’t marry Maya. Ranbir states we attempted numerous things to break this marriage however they’re from powerful political background. Riya states we’re also influencial. Vikram states Ranbir is correct it’s not easy. Ranbir leaves to his own room. Riya appeal Aliya to accomplish something.

Pallavi days we don’t really know just how to break this marriage. Riya states j going to accomplish something to break this marriage & goes to talk with Ranbir. Beeji states Riya is kid & not understanding just how dangerous their own family (4) is. Aliya reminds just how Dushyant alerted her formerly for creating Maya to murder herself.

Saritha states Ranbir family (4) invited us & we’ll come. Maya & her mom come to their own home & threatens them to not participate marriage otherwise they’ve to face the consequence. Maya states Prachi I could watch love for Ranbir in your face so don’t participate our marriage for your love & they leaves.

Saritha states it’s best in case we skip marriage because their own family (4) is like rowdies. Prachi looks on.

In terrace Ranbir imagines regarding his own moments with Prachi. Riya goes to him & states I feel we aren’t linked like before because you’re not informing anything to me & you gave my place to someone because you didn’t even stated to me that you don’t need to marry Maya. Riya states tell me once than I’ll break this marriage.

Ranbir requests what going to you accomplish. Riya states I’ll accomplish it & you’ve to repay it in case I accomplish this work (5) for you. Ranbir requests what you want. Riya leaves informing I’ll tell you after finishing the work (5).

Prachi imagines don’t really know when I fallen for Ranbir however I’ll block his own marriage. Ranbir imagines I love you Prachi & in case I marry someone than that’s residing far from you & I could’t hear our segregation.

Prachi imagines as of now he’s my love & I’ll accomplish anything for him & Ranbir makes me realize the feeling of love & God let’s stay linked & makes me disclose my love to him. Riya imagines I attempted to separate Prachi & Ranbir bit they’re coming closer however I’ll end anybody who comes between me & Ranbir.

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