Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) Made In India 16th August 2024 Episode: Reality Show All Contestants Name

Here we’re speaking regarding 1 of India(In)’s finest reality shows that broadcast on colours TV.

Today’s blog is all regarding the “Khatro Ke Khiladi” edition latest daily episode that is made in India(In).

As we really know the COVID-19 still between us & due to all these crisis (or) viruses the show releasing date moves on.

& there is also no time for the auditions & all procedures so, in this season the old contestant of season 10 going to be back.

This show is a actually entertaining & adventurous reality show.

In case we speaking regarding the last season 10 so there is 14 contestant within the season & amongst of the all contestant, Karishma wins the show of Khatro Ke Khiladi.

As we really know each season of this show hosted by Rohit Shetty however within the last daily episode, we saw the Farah Khan who’s hosting the Khatro Ke Khiladi because Rohit Shetty has to go for the shouting however as of now within the next daily episode of this show Rohit Shetty has been back for its fans.

As we really know in last week’s daily episode the Rohit Shetty has been back & begin entertaining the viewers & their own fans. Last Sat. we’ve witnessed that Bharti & her Spouse Harsh have been Joined the show once again.

As we really know Bharti is the package of entertaining for the show.

Within the upcoming daily episode, we’ll see that Rohit is driving the car & there is the contestant on the barrel, afterwards the Rohit Shetty hits the barrel.

Harsh is the 1st contestant to do the task & the next stunt in that they’ve to accomplish within the museum wherever the stunt has been to retain the different by getting cleaned.

Khatron Ke Khiladi Special Edition

Within the next daily episode, we’ll see there is 1 shocking chair in that the player has to grab the key & unlock themself, & they’ve to see whenever they touch the stakes.

This stunt finished bye those 4 contestants those have the fear fanda they’ve to do this task.

Within the last Khatro Ke Khiladi daily episode, we’ve witnessed that there is 1 stunt that is a partner stunt & where they’ve to protect their own partner & themself along with.

It has been the water stunt where the 1 partner is now in the water tank & the 2nd partner has to be within the Stretcher that is hanging on the water tank.

In this stunt, the twist part, (or) we could say the dangerous part is the water tank going to continue filling with the water & the level of water going to be spread concurrently.

In today’s daily episode, we’ll see the elimination task in that contestants going to be last within the stunt so they’ll be removed in Khatro Ke Khiladi.

see Khatro Ke Khiladi Made in India(In) on Colours T.V t 9:00 PM IST.

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