Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd April 2024 Episode Update: Mine. Forever

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3rd April 2024 Episode Written Update: Mine. Forever.

The daily episode begins with Pranav yelling she consented to allow Rohit go. He created wreck and she consented for a divorce that was. Bani includes rights cards and all the marriage certificate form.

Pranav convince Poonam she (Ananya) will not come to the courtroom, she’s an independent working girl. She manages a business. Bani says she believes she would come.

Ananya was dropped in thought as she pours lentils, and founded her pantry. Rohit says Poonam’s requirement is found by him. He asks why she made this and discovers butter chicken bunch at the pantry, she does not know how to cook it and does not have butter.

Ana says it is liked by Rohit, and she’ll learn how to cook. She says that is the stage, she’ll learn how to cook him java beans and fried chicken. She’ll do anything for him personally but her self-respect can’t be placed by her in bet.

She does not wish to proceed to court, and that she won’t. He come to her, then must form out his life and his divorce. She had never asked him to leave his loved ones and document a divorce because of her.

Rohit states Ana is smart enough to comprehend the things. He did not ask her to return to court, the need of its Poonam; perhaps she wishes to satisfy with her or see her. Ana asserts that her life stayed dependent over Poonam for 3 decades that are previous, and she wishes to watch her, or fulfill her.

Pranav informs Poonam to not sign the divorce papers. Pranav’s spouse says Rohit is ready to give away cash and his property and comes. It has to be the case of adultery if Poonam must haul him to court.

Poonam did not wish to do anything. Bani signifies that Poonam acquired some self-respect, she would allow Rohit go. As Poonam may require them in courts maa attracts their wedding cards and photos.

Ana and rohit sat on the ground. Ana knows that Poonam would love to meet with her, after all she’s his spouse. But she could not establish herself the planet’s eyes or directly facing Poonam.

She determined she would not come to the courtroom, and was not prepared to let anyone down.

Poonam informs the family that she isn’t currently producing this divorce. She’s put the condition that she’ll sign the newspapers if Ana comes there. That is her choice.

Nickie talks that she’ll arrive at the party. She asks her home to shed, as her daddy is out of town and driver is not available. Bani inquires Nickie and comes there. Shikha is her very best friend.

Nickie claims that the divorce is final. Bani claims that the divorce is final and they might need to realize a great deal will change. Nickie was annoyed by her talk that is a pessimist. They walk into their balcony.

Downstairs, Aarya played with himself near the pool. Nickie asks her to think twice before marrying him.

Bani admits she advised him two hours back to remain there, she’ll meet him ten minutes; and he’s still waiting. He’s retarded and a small fool, that is why she’s marrying him. Are divorcing.

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