Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2024 Episode: Tripura Takes A Stand For Karan

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2024 Episode Written Update: Tripura Takes A Stand For Karan.

The episode begins who Trisha states you’re currently getting with her and advised that he’s gifted her earrings. He states I believe she inquires if this union mandap and agreements are refundable and isn’t prepared for union.

She says. He is seen by prabuddha. Juice is given by tripura and asks one to drink it by one. He asks if she asks what happened and is nice? She asks him to let her end and asks him to not overlook his medications.

She says that I came to say thank you. Karan is astonished. She says you’re humble and nice, but show that you’re greedy and nasty. You’re good, although she says you’ve projected yourself awful. Song plays…. .Karan says I wish to state something. Sherry tells that Anandham arrived and comes there.

Amma asks her to give telephone and speaks about Anandham to Tripura. Karan says okay. Tripura goes. Amma tells Karan that after Tipsy is settled,” states Anandham is great.

She says you’re like her or her brother. Karan says I’m like your own son and says no. Sherry informs Anandham is tacky and is denied entrance in my entire life, that. Karan believes Tipsy will be married by him.

Sherry asks him to return to the coffee store and calls him. They watch Anandham and arrive at the coffee store. Tripura informs Anandham that Karan Khanna is a celebrity for 25 decades.

They move to have breakfast. Tripura informs Anandham he has lost weight.

She is asked by anandham. Tripura says he’s a celebrity. Karan gets envious. If he wishes to come with him, vishal inquires Karan. Anandham asks her to come. Karan says as she’s my counseller, she can not move anywhere.

Karan teases. Tripura asks him to act. Karan gets envious. Vishal asks Karan to do something before he can. Anandham on his feet infront turns and watches. Anandham asks her to take her time and suggests her.

Anandham begins speaking in Tamil to her. Karan asks them to speak in Hindi. She says and begins talking in Tamil. Anandham says go on a date. She says okay. He says. Karan is shocked. Tripura comes to the resort. Karan asks whether she’s going and comes.

Tripura says she’s currently going on lunch. Karan says Sherry explained that Anandham flirted with you when you had been 12. She says he had been of the age. He states this is showing dress and asks the dress to alter.

She says what’s coated. He asks her to put on at least that is the shawl. She tries to get out it and sees Appa’s ring. He states it’s stuck. Anandham asks and comes within the area are you fine? Karan says she is okay.

She helped me to take her ring off. She goes to prepare. Inquires Karan this ring came on your hand. Karan says when she arrived to my area that is the ring of her Appa, it dropped down.

Anandham asks him to not phone her Tanpura. Karan says certain. Tripura says and comes out . Karan have fun and says bye. They depart. Karan attempts to take the ring off.

Can we speak trisha comes and inquires? She inquires do you think in love? He states like you attempt to convince yourself that it does not exist and says love is like ghosts, but it succeeds. When somebody get hurt he says they’ll get hurt at the start. He is thanked by trisha.

He requests her to want him luck. Before going, she wishes him luck and kisses on his lips. Karan appears on grinning. He comes to the location where Anandham and Tripura are all sitting.

He states exactly what a world. Anandham asks. Karan sits. Tripura informs you informs you are my individual and can not drink. Karan asks did you drink? Tripura informs she drinks with her own friends.

Anandham informs her to that suits. Karan states each colour suits her. He is appreciated by tripura. Anandham informs him he gave her title Tipsy. Tripura says okay.


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