Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th January 2024 Update: Rohit Wants A Divorce

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Rohit Wants A Divorce.

The episode begins with Rohit. Sonakshi asks him to give her real estate that is 80% and accept custody. A while back Sippys have plotting like television serials. She states the inspector stated someone had tried to kill Naren. He asks her to tell everything Nishi called Rohit stopped her, authorities, do not let anybody spoil your bonding.

Netra inquires and comes about Naren. Sonakshi states Naren is on life support. Netra says the station is currently maintaining a bash, Sumit’s clothing and you’re will be auctioned. Sonakshi says I can not attend celebrations, Naren is crucial.

Netra says I will comprehend, its own display, its a dedication to the station, consider it the cash will be contributed to ashram Naren gets nice by their own blessings. Sonakshi says I can not promise, I’ll attempt, Rohit can not come, he’s got to be with daddy. Sumit says buy along Rohit this celebration makes your anxiety. She nods.

Sonakshi looks for Rohit and comes home. He is called by her. She drives to the playground. Rohit is seen by her. The debate is recalled by Rohit. Sonakshi trusts me, comes to him and says, but speak to me, the prenup papers did not alter. She drops down. He holds her hands.

She says that you don’t trust me to leave me, do not save me. He states I’m not heartless, this really is the gap between me and you. He pulls on. She drops. He gets up to move. He retains her and belongs to Sonakshi. He breaks and recalls his words. She asks what do you do and yells.

Whenever there isn’t any religion and honesty, what is the significance he states you broke our confidence, I do not understand the fact of the prenup, our union is based on a lie. The bracelet yells. She yells.

They come house. Her garments throw. She asks it to discontinue. He says your head can’t be tolerated by me, how can this be tolerated by me. She says your spouse is med by me, I’ve right on this area. He says alright, I would like a divorce. She was stunned.

He lies and says you’ve murdered our connection, I wish to find free of you, I would like a divorce. She wipes her tears. She states accept custody and give me a real estate of Sippys, you browse the prenup clause.

He states that the fact has come out, you’ve revealed your greed. She says alright, I’m a gold digger, I do not care, you believe me personally, I loved you do not believe I’m feeble. He says alright, it means you’ll remain here I’ll make your life hell. She states do anything, I wish to determine to which amount you are able to go. He belongs. Yash comes. If did you come to the hospital she asks.

He asks why’s Rohit I’m confused, why is this occur I do not understand, you are being blamed by everybody, my heart says you’re correct. She says thanks somebody thinks I’m not erroneous.

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