Junior doctors strike enters fourth day in Osmania Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): The ongoing strike by junior doctors from Osmania Medical College (OMC) entered its 4th day as the impasse between the striking medicos & the Osmania Gen. Hospital (3) (OGH) administration continued. Talks between both sides bore no fruit, as the candidates are adamant with their own insist to gain best facilities & a committed space for elective surgeries.

The problem is a result of the main apartment, that is a heritage structure, being shut from Jul 22 after it has been flooded with rain water. The old hospital (3) apartment is a massive place, & can accommodate different rooms & operation theatres in it. With the state govt deciding to keep it shut, there is a space crunch, as everything was moved to the Quli Qutb Shah stop, that was hit by 1 issue after the other.

Dr. B. Nagender, supervisor, OGH, stated that they conducted talks with junior doctors on Fri., however that the problem couldn’t be resolved. “They need extra space for operation theatres, so the strike is still on. Although, they’re participating urgency duties, so sufferers won’t face any issues,” h ensured, when approached by LD.com.

It may be observed here that the old apartment, that has been shut on the premise that it’s unstable & risky (after getting flooded by rain water, because of that it was shut), hasn’t witnessed even a drop of water enter the apartment all using Aug & Sep. The flooding in Jul has been a result of a sewer line, that passes under OGH, getting blocked.

A Sr. OGH officer, who didn’t need to be quoted, stated that a appeal has been also positioned to higher-ups to re-open the old apartment, however to no avail. “They think it’s risky, & don’t need to take (2) any chances. The Quli Qutb Shah stop has multiple issues, & they’ve inquired us to adjust, (or) else shift sufferers to the Petlaburj Government. Hospital (3),” the officer reported.

Now, close to 200 junior doctors & interns of OMC, who work (5) in the state-owned Osmania Gen. Hospital (3), have boycotted duties & gone on strike. The call has been taken after no action has been taken by this OGH Mgmt despite of repeated cases from doctors. Multiple infra-structure problems have cropped up within the hospital (3) from Jul within the Quli Qutb Shah stop.

A junior doctor from that association, who didn’t need to be quoted, stated that regarding 170 to 200 interns, home surgeons, & post graduates going to be boycotting duties in the context of their own strike. “No variant operation theaters (or) blocks were set up from it has been shut in Jul, & we have been being adjusted within the same Quli Qutb Shah stop. There is lack of physical distancing as well,” he added further.

Biography of OGH

OGH has been finished in 1925 after Hyderabad(Hyd) has been affected by this bubonic plague about 1911. The city administration afterwards taken care of the problem, following that the afterwards Nizam Osman Ali Khan (1911-48) set up the City Improvement Board (CIB) in 1912 to enhance Hyderabad(Hyd)’s infra-structure. It has been designed by architect Vincent Esch, who also designed the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.

The OGH’s old apartment (with remaining like High Court & City College) is an excellent example of the Osmanian style (or) Indo Saracenic genre of architecture. It’s an integral part of Hyderabad(Hyd)’s 20th-century riverscape & skyline. The CIB during this reign of Osman Ali Khan had transformed the medieval city into a modern metropolis, full with infrastructures like the High Court, railway stations, educational institutions & OGH.