Japan Travel Alert: Japan eases travel curbs for foreigners who aren’t tourists

Tokyo, October 1: Beginning from Thu., Japan has relaxed travel constraints on foreigners accessing the nation, however not for tourism purposes.

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, the Japanese govt had refused entry of citizens from 159 nations & areas, the nation’s people broadcaster NHK stated in an information record.

Japan has already resumed business-people’s travel to & from Vietnam, Taiwan & some of the different places where the infection is under curb.

From constraints are being eased world-wide, foreigners who’re qualified for mid- & long-term stays, like medical & educational professionals & candidates, along with business-people, may be confessed to Japan.

However, they’re permitted to enter only in case their own sponsors, like businesses (or) organizations that employ them, make sure their own isolation for 2 weeks upon arrival in Japan.

The amount of citizens who’ll be granted entry going to also be limited, stated the NHK record.

The govt schedules to steadily rise the cap awhile extending the virus-testing system in airports.