Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Shera

Ishq Mein Marjawan two fourth Aug 2024 Written Daily episode, Written Update on

The Daily episode begins with Vansh seeing Riddhima. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Angre searches for Shera. Aryan states I could’t believe that Vansh has fell for this employees lady. Riddhima sees the time & goes out. She states you… Angre signs Vansh & states I didn’t gain Shera. Vansh requests who could take (2) it, I think I really know. Aryan requests runaway bride. Riddhima states I wanted to have some of the new air.

He states Vansh is maintaining an eye on you, its impossible to run from here. He goes. She pushes the trash bin & looks for Shera. Vansh comes there.

He sees the trash fell & shouts on Mrs. D’souza. She states maybe a cat has finished this. He sees the mehendi marks on the bin. He states someone with mehendi hands attempted to locate something here.

Angre comes. Vansh states in case my question on Riddhima is right, afterwards bye bye Riddhima.

He goes inside & sees Riddhima dancing with the family (4). He requests everybody to show their own mehendi, the picture going to come great.

Everybody shows their own hands. Vansh sees Riddhima’s mehendi spoiled & imagines my question has been right, Riddhima has been there in the garbage bin. Siya requests him to click the pic. Vansh gets stunned seeing everybody’s mehendi spoiled.

He clicks the pic & imagines just how did everybody’s mehendi gain spoiled. Riddhima recalls hearing Vansh speaking to Angre. Riddhima goes inside & requests Dadi to dance like her.

She teaches them steps. Their own mehendi spoils during this dance. Riddhima imagines Vansh is quite clever, this time I m also prepared. She recalls seeing Vansh coming.

She gets Shera from that trash. She leaves.Dadi states its fine in case mehendi got (1) spoiled, there is color in it, it means this relation going to have love & trust always. Riddhima imagines you trust your power, I trust my love, I’ve Shera, as of now I m prepared to ruin you. Dadi states Vansh going to keep you quite happy & love you. Riddhima imagines you’ve snatched Kabir’s right from me.

Kabir sees Riddhima’s pic & states Vansh has snatched my right, however could’t snatch you, this marriage could’t happen, I m coming to you.

He requests Mishra to gain the map of Vansh’s mansion. He states Vansh, you made a big & last error of your personal life by trying to snatch Riddhima from me.

Vansh questions on Riddhima & his own uncle’s family (4). Angre states I didn’t locate anything. Vansh states target on the right human, someone is cunning to us. He throws the knife in the pic. Kabir states I’ll enter Vansh’s mansion & try to gain proof, so that I could free Riddhima.

Mishra states its impossible. Kabir states nothing is imp, I won’t let Riddhima marry that Vansh. Riddhima gets Shera. She states this has evidence over Vansh. She cries & states just 1 day extra, there is haldi, sangeet & afterwards marriage, I’ll fulfil my motive tomorrow, I’ll celebrate my victory with Kabir, Vansh going to gain punished.

Its in the morning, Vansh comes & scolds Riddhima.

She gets stunned & states I don’t really know what’s Shera.

He requests her not to act clever. He gets Shera & scolds her. She wakes up from that dream.

She sees Shera & hides it in her bandage. Ishani comes & requests what are you doing. She states I must be scared to watch you, you did a black magic to trap Vansh, Dadi is calling you. Riddhima comes for the haldi. Dadi requests Riddhima to alter her bandage.

Riddhima states no, I’ll manage, after modifying my clothes.

Vansh states I’ll alter the bandage. Riddhima gets stunned.