Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima

The Daily episode begins with Vansh requesting who’s there. He gets the anklet & gets thinking. He goes to the secret door. He states its locked, just how did this anklet come here. He goes to watch the lady. Vansh sees her racing far away.

He states you had come back. He throws a bottle on the field. She leaps over the glass pieces & runs.

He shouts come in front. He sees her & she disappears. He states just how could she return, just how is it possible. He falls down drunk. Riddhima comes to him. She imagines he’ll confess it today. She recalls getting dressed as that lady. She states I’ll make Vansh confess the fact,

I don’t really know who you’re, however I’ve no way to approach the fact, I m going in your avatar, your & Ragini’s fact going to come out, Vansh going to go to jail, I assure. FB ends. Riddhima states you loved me &

even afterwards you died me. Vansh states you deceived me. She requests just how did you murder me, tell me. He states you deceived me. She requests what cheat. He turns to watch her. She worries. He states Riddhima…. He feels dizzy. She runs far away. He turns to watch.

He states maybe I has been dreaming. She runs to her room. Someone is spying on her. She states I felt like someone has been here, has been it Vansh. Someone puts the black cloth on her face & pushes her. She requests who’s it. She gets stunned seeing Vansh.

He requests what did you think, your spouse is a big idiot, when you think you could fool me so easily, respect Vansh, what did you think you could fool me in case I m drunk, you’ll wear these clothes & I won’t recognize you, no, I gain extra conscious when I m drunk, & extra dangerous. He shows the anklet with blood mark. He recalls getting the anklet with blood on it. He states no, it could’t be her. He informs some of the shlok. He gets much angry on her.

He requests just how could blood come in a soul, tell me, just how did this anklet gain the blood, tell me Riddhima. She cries.

She recalls stepping on the glass piece. Vansh requests why did you accomplish this. Riddhima states I wanted to really know the fact.

He requests just how dare you come here & touch this painting. He requests where is the painting. She requests where did it go, it has been here, I don’t really know. He states don’t you dare, the painting is here from yrs., where is it. She states I don’t really know. He states no 1 attempted to touch the clothes & jewelry, you made a big error, you imagined I’ll confess my offence in case you accomplish this.

He recalls her words. He holds her neck & requests why did you accomplish this. Riddhima states I wanted to really know fact regarding Ragini. He states I already informed you regarding her. She pushes him & coughs. She states you informed the incomplete fact, I’ve lost.

you won’t win all this time, you could’t gain saved, someone going to gain you punished for the crimes, Ragini’s killing, her dad & this lady, you did the same.

He states I m informing for the past time, I didn’t murder Ragini & Sate, that old person isn’t her dad, & I didn’t murder even this lady. She states you’re cunning, you died all of them, why don’t you confess your crimes, I feel you’ve hidden the painting. He shouts sufficient.

She states I’ll bring out the fact, who’s this lady, tell me, why did you keep her statue. He maintains a knife in her neck. She gets scared.

She states you murder everybody who stand over you, right, its best you confess your crimes, you died this lady, right. He gets angry & stabs her. She closes eyes. He gets the knife stuck there.

He goes back & cries. Riddhima looks in him. He requests just how could any son murder her mum. She imagines Vansh’s mum. She recalls Anupriya & imagines Anupriya isn’t Vansh’s mum.

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