Intinti Gruhalakshmi 8th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 8 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (8-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Intinti Gruhalakshmi 8th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Vihaan Practising The Game. Ridhima Comes & Requests Why Did You Accept The Challenge, Accomplish You Really know Playing Basketball.

He States I M Already In Pressure, Don’t Make Me Nervous, I Never Seen This Game Even On Television. She Requests Are You Mad, You Must Have Denied, Vansh Has been A Master In This Game, Listen To Me Carefully, When Tandem Is Made, You Going to Choose Me 1st, I Really know The Game A Bit, I Going to Handle It, Fine.

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He States Fine. Kabir States Come On Ridhima, Just how Much Going to You Handle, You Must Have Chosen A Powerful Partner, As of now Everything Going to Be Out. Vihaan Smiles.

Everybody Comes. Vihaan States Heads. Aryan Tosses The Coin & Imagines Its Heads, However I Could’t Let You Win Vansh. He States Its Tails, Kabir Won The Toss, He Going to Select The Tandem 1st.

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Kabir States Ridhima, She Is A Great Player. She Imagines I Could’t Support Vihaan As of now. Kabir States You Are A Great Player Already, I Hope You Don’t Mind. Vihaan States I Don’t Mind, Kabir.

Ridhima Imagines Idiot, Just how Going to He Manage. Vihaan Requests Rudra To Come On His own Side. Kabir States Aryan. Vihaan States Angre, 1 Member From Enemy Tandem Going to Be Out After 10 Points.

Kabir States I Accept. They Shake Hands & Start The Match. Anupriya Imagines His own Fact Going to Be Out Today.

Angre States Circular Each Move, Vansh’s Fact Going to Be Out, 1 Could’t Copy Talent Overnight. Ishani Nods. Chanchal States The Game Has Started, Both The Tandem Members Are Competing Well.

Kabir Takes The Ball From Vihaan & Passes To Ridhima. Dadi Requests Vansh Going to You Lose In Front Of Entire family. Vihaan Smiles. Kabir Takes The Ball From Ridhima & Throws In The Basket. Ridhima Imagines This Idiot Isn’t Understanding The Support. Kabir States Come On Vansh, Accept Your Defeat.

Vihaan States No Kabir, Its Ruled In The End. He Scores A Point. The Game Goes On. Vihaan Looks In Kabir & Signs No. Ridhima Recalls Vansh Playing Basketball. Vansh’s Tandem Gets 10 Points. Chanchal States Vansh, Tell Me, Whom To Delete. Vihaan States Aryan Could Rest. Aryan Goes.

Rudra Also Goes. Chanchal States Vansh’s Tandem Scored 20 Points As of now, Whom To Delete. Vihaan States You, Out Please. Kabir Goes. Dadi Requests Ridhima Not To Lose.

Ridhima Scores Points. Angre Goes. Dadi & Everybody Clap. Vihaan Holds Ridhima. She Recalls Vansh. Ishq Mein Marjawan….Plays…

She Imagines Why Does His own Behaviour Match With Vansh, I Didn’t Teach All This To Him, No, He Is A Clever Amount-Minded Player, He Could’t Be My Vansh, His own Face Matched Vansh & He Had come Here, Its A Coincidence. She Slips & Falls In His own Arms. ?

Yeh Pyaar Hai Ya Phir…. Ishq Mein Marjawan….Plays… She Imagines Of Vansh & Her Moments. Vihaan States Think Of It As My Bonus, Its Free Just For Your Pretty Face. Chanchal States Both Groups Have 25 Points, They Have 24 Seconds To Make Their own Tandem Win.

Kabir Imagines Just how Could Anybody Make Someone A Great Basketball Player In Less Time, Could Ridhima Accomplish This. He Requests Just how Shall I Prove That He Isn’t Vansh, However His own Lookalike. Aryan States Block Trying Kabir, He Is Vansh, I Have Witnessed Him Playing Basketball.

Kabir States Something Would Be Unique, His own Style. Aryan States Yes, He Can Play Utilizing Both His own Hands. Kabir Drops A Red Ball On The Floor. Vihaan Steps On It & Falls Down.

Dadi States Block The Game, He Is Wound. Ridhima States Vansh, Just how Did This Happen. She Sees Kabir. Angre Holds Vihaan. Kabir States Just 1 Point Is Left, He Is Vansh, His own Right Hand Is Wound, He Could Play With Left Hand. Ridhima Imagines Vansh Can Play With Left Hand Also, Its Impossible Vihaan. Kabir Smiles.

Vihaan Looks On. Ridhima States No Want, Vansh Is Wound. Vihaan States Don’t Worry Ridhima, Its A Issue Of 1 Point, I Going to Manage. Ridhima Imagines He Is Stubborn.

She States Please Try To Know. Vihaan Plays With Left Hand. Ridhima Imagines Vihaan Could Play With Left Hand Also Like Vansh. Vihaan Baskets The Ball. Ridhima Looks On.

Everybody Claps. Ishani States All My Questions Got Clarified. Angre States Yes, You Are Right, He Is Vansh. Ishani Hugs Vihaan & States Congrats, I M So Happy. Everybody Goes.

Ridhima Requests Vihaan To Show His own Hand. She Twists A Bit & States Let Me See Your Shoulder Once, Careful. He Laughs & States I Act Well, Right. She Requests What Accomplish You Mean, Are You Playing A Game With Me, You Are Wound Right. He Signs No. He Holds Her.

She Requests From When Are You Utilizing Both The Hands, You Performed Basketball So Well, Why Did You Lie That You Don’t Really know The Game, I Never Stated That Vansh Utilized Both His own Hands, That He Has been A Nice Basketball Player, Just how Did You Accomplish That.

He States You Think A Lot, Sweetheart. She Recalls Vansh. He Requests Did We Not Accomplish This Before, Did This Moment Not Come In Our Personal life Before. She Recalls The Moments. She States You Are My… He States Yes, Its Not Your Illusion, I M Not Vihaan, I M Vansh, Your Vansh.

She Cries & States Vansh. He Begins Laughing. He States You Have Trained Me To Becomes Vansh, You Got Fooled Easily, I M A Hacker, I Could Gain Any Info, I Did My Homework & Utilized For My Profit, It Means I M Quite Great In My Work, Its Not A Bad Deal In case I Gain Threefold For My Work, Am I Right.

She States Some of the Jokes Wound The Heart, Don’t Accomplish It Again. He States Your Heartbeat Has been Too Fast That I Has been Able To Hear It, This Game Has been A Test.

Angre Taken The Test. She States Yes, You Moved The Game Well, No 1 Going to Question You Except Kabir, Kabir Won’t Lose, He Would Be Getting ready Something, We Must Be Prepared.

He Maintains A Finger On Her Lips. She Recalls Vansh. He Stops Her Informing Sshhh…., Something Is There, Await A Min. He Gets The Red Ball. He Recalls Picking The Red Ball.

He Throws It About. Someone Catches The Ball. Ridhima States You Have been Right, Someone Is Maintaining An Eye On Us, We Have To End This Property Issue Shortly, Fine. He States I Have An Idea. She Requests What.

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    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
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