Indiawaali Maa 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Indiawaali Maa 1 January 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Indiawaali Maa 1st January 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Chenu Fish Cheenu & Rohan interrupt their own intimacy & inquire her to give him some of the work. Rohan informs the fish to see the list of raw materials, & also see the cost.

She could contact him when required & also give info on the computer. Chenu objected that it has been a big responsibility. She requests in case the fish won’t even let her grow here. Shortly, they all hear an urgency caveat & run outdoor, that may be a little cigarette smoke, states Balwinder Ji.

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Chinu gets a call from Hasmukh, informing she’s out of breath. She informs him regarding the fire alarm & tension as the raw materials are within the workplace. Hasmukh informs Chinu the rule of business, all the time keep raw & final products separate from every different.

Within the event of an crash, at the least the different side is safe. Chenu gratitude Batuklal for the advice, & Rohan talks to him to keep the raw materials within the ware house.

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Rohan states the warehouse going to cost them rent & transportation. & this apartment is insured, & has all this precautions.

He informs Kakuge that he’s read all this guidelines on workplace Mgmt & safety precautions. He doesn’t need to follow the path of his own dad, & Batuklal G; They’ve no experience managing corporate offices.

Balwinder Ji brings a chemical to clean the workplace space. He goes to keep the bottles within the shop room. Rohan calls him out & imparts him the responsibility of refreshments & dinner. Chenu leads his own tandem to the conference room.

Cheung scolds Katie that she’s not creative with their own original content. Katy argues that her models wear a fraud baby bump for the maternity line; It may be trash for Chenu however it’s best for her.

Fish sarcastically states that this idea would were best in case Chein were from him. She requests in case Cheung Fish has joined the workplace to chew, could she present an idea?

Rohan signals to the fish not to argue anymore. Kaku gets an idea. She calls on the ladies to bring her new idea. The ladies come with a various size fraud baby bump.

They say in the starting, they present the 3rd quarter, afterwards the 2nd quarter, & afterwards the last quarter. & the ladies don’t walk alone, however accomplish it in pairs.

This indicates the importance of being a dad. Kaku remembers the time, vomiting, fluctuating BP & cravings she has been expecting Rohan;

However the cow remained by her side during the journey. Rohan agrees with the idea. Chen informs Katy she’s speaking regarding this. Katie got angry & left the conference room.

Chen cried in silence. Rohan repatriates to the conference room for the file & resents her. She tries to conceal her tears & deletes the fraud baby bump.

Rohan conducted her hand close & comforted her. He remembers his own dreams of having a baby within the US. He has been excited to be an excellent dad. Rohan Chen wipes tears, afterwards his own own. Fish sees it from outdoor the conference room.

Call with Kaku Hasmukh & his own idea is functioning well. Rohan & Chenu conducted every different’s hands today.

Hasmukh informs Kaku that he’s awaiting for her outdoor. Kaku threatens Rohan & Chenu to leave, afterwards they could come to the workplace. Kinu listens to the discussion & wonders what Kaku’s spouse is doing in Bangalore.

Within the workplace, Kaku sets the dummy & informs him to put the fish within the shop room. He blocks & carries the dummy to collect the fish room. Chemical bottles spilled on the floor of the store room.

The fish made payment no attention & the smoke of the chemical spread around the room. Kaku hears the burning smell, & the fire alarm rings too. K

aku calls Rohan & Chenu as they fire within the shop room. She leaped into the shop room. Inside, Kaku locates chemical bottles spilled on the floor. She rules to carry the boxes out.

Outdoor the car, Chinu forgets something in Rohan’s workplace & goes back inside. Within the shop room, Kaku suffocated because of chemical inhalation.

Hasmukh runs to the shop room & helps her out. He imparts her a cup of water. Chinu comes into the workplace & locates a strange atmosphere inside.

Kaku informs Hasmukh to go far away, Rohan & Chenu could be here anytime. Chenu hides within the workplace. Kaku informs Hasmukh to leave before anybody requests regarding it. Gratitude to Balwinder Hasmukh as Batuklal. Hasmukh reluctantly leaves the workplace.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 1st January 2024 / (1-01-2021)

First episode date: 31 August 2024
Network: Sony Entertainment Television
Number of episodes: 30
Number of seasons: 1
Genre: Drama

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Sony Tv: 8:30 pm(IST)

Indiawaali Maa Cast:

    • Suchitra Trivedi
    • Sunil Singh
    • Vandana Lalwani
    • Shrey Mittal
    • Abhinandhan Jindal

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