India, China troops within shooting range at Spanggur Gap

New Delhi(DL), September 12 : China has mobilised large number of warriors, tanks & howitzers in rifle range of Indian Troops deployment in Spanggur Gap within the southern part of Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh, sources stated, even though Indian army are on high alert.

The Chinese Citizens’s Liberation Troops made provocative military deployments in Spanggur Gap, that is between Gurung Hill & Magar Hill, from Aug 30 after Indian warriors captured tactical heights on the ridge line on the southern bank of Pangong Tso near Chushul in the Line of Actual Curb (LAC).

“Seeing the Chinese PLA troop & guns mobilisation, the Indian Troops too made mirror deployments in Spanggur Gap. Both the nations’ army & guns are in shooting range,” stated a govt officer.

Furthermore, sources stated, China has deployed its militia squads to “consolidate the border” & “stabilise Tibet area”. They were tasked to try & dislodge the Indian Troops warriors from that tactical heights.

The militia is an irregular mix of mountaineers, boxers, members of regional fight clubs & remaining. Majority of the members are rised from that regional public.

“Militia is basically a a reserve enforce of the Chinese’s Citizens Liberation Troops. They’re deployed throughout war time situations & to support the PLA in its military activities,” stated a Sr. govt official.

The official also stated that Chinese militia also implements independent activities & gives fight the help & manpower replenishment to the PLA.

Indian Troops has clearly reiterated that the enforces going to retaliate in case Chinese army make provocative military moves.

In the northern bank of Pangong Lake, sources stated that even though PLA army continue to occupy positions on Finger four mountain spur jutting into the lake, Indian warriors have occupied some of the heights overlooking their own positions.

“Our army have occupied some of the heights overlooking the positions occupied by PLA,” stated a source.

The north bank of the lake is divided into 8 ‘Fingers’ which were contested by both sides. India(In) says Line of Actual Curb in finger Eight & were holding on to region until Finger four however in a evident alteration of status quo the Chinese were camping in Finger four & have set up fortifications between Finger five & 8.

Movement of Chinese army, vehicles & new defense mechanisms of Chinese are visible within the north, south banks of Pangong Lake. In some of the places heavily armed army are in close proximity.

To de-escalate the status, armies of India(In) & China are holding interaction daily.

India(In) & China are involved in a four-month-long standoff in the LAC in eastern Ladakh. In spite of multiple levels of dialog, there hasn’t being any breakthrough & the deadlock continues.

(Sumit Kumar Singh could be approached in [email protected])