Hyderabad’s school introduces eye yoga for eye strain

Hyderabad(Hyd): On-line lessons have as of now becomes a mainstay of education as educational institutions are shut for an unending period of time. Hyderabad(Hyd)’s schoolgoing children are doing wonders within the new regular.

Could you imagine that they competed in some of the global virtual contests, appeared victorious & won prizes? Under these checking times candidates produced a nukkad naatak virtually by following all this govt constraints, on Coronavirus Safety from that convenience of their own houses.

Have any parents ever imagined that their own wards in this quite young age going to attend in global webinars & interact with kids from around the world & distribute his own/her views?

These & numerous possibilities have been made possible by this city’s St. Peter’s High Educational institution in Bowenpally, Secunderabad.

“Amid the hue & cry regarding on-line education & issues associated with it, we made digital learning throughout these troubled times a quite joyful, fun & happy learning experience for our kids,” shares Dr.Suvarna Kuppa, Principal, St.Peter’s High Educational institution

We were taking on the problems & pushing ourselves tough to generate some of the great digital learning experience for our children, shares the Principal.

“Some initiatives contain Eye Yoga to support lessen eye strains, virtual music to lessen pressure, cyber security to educate candidates to utilize the net safely, higher-order thinking skills & numerous remaining,” sums the Dr. Suvarna.

“The digitally-strained eyes of young kids gain plenty of relief from Eye Yoga. We really know yoga enhances the working of numerous parts of our body. It could also enhance the working of eyes.

We have been the 1st to present this from the day 1 of our on-line lessons, much before citizens initiated playing hue & cry of training eyes,” shares Dr. Suvarna, Principal of St. Peter’s High Educational institution, Bowen pally.

“The eye yoga is our quite unique initiative in this new regular,” declared Dr Suvarna. It’s the set of particular exercises that engage all of the ocular muscles that help eye movement. These exercises support enhance the flexibility in these muscles & support candidates target best.

Common eye yoga exercises contain: deliberately & repeatedly looking up & down, afterwards left & right & and so on. The educational institution even celebrated Intl. Yoga on-line.

To break the monotony, to make on-line lessons they have being trying out our finest to engage kids so uniquely that they don’t gain.  Because of lock down 500 mln candidates as of now house bound.

Citizens were functioning from house, spreading info & trivia, jokes, learning new recipes & DIY ideas, showcasing their own talent, on-line workouts, virtual indoor marathons & last however not the least children having their own on-line lessons.

It’s important for educational institutions think out of the box & make these learning experience quite happy. Although originally there have been some of the reservations from that parents for the on-line lessons, subsequently everyone got (1) severe.

The children wowed the educational institution, parents, & the Intl. society with their own skills

A kid attended in ‘ISRO Cyberspace Competitions 2024’ & introduced an SLV Model, the other kid attended & won finest delegate award in UNEP (U.N Environment Programme). A 10th grader won special appreciation from that UNHRC (U.N Person Rights Council).

In these epidemic times, our candidates have exhibited skills in several platforms around the world & won laurels. Undeterred by this adverse environment, they showcased their own finest talent & proved that nobody nor any status could block a determined human states Dr. Suvarna.

Prakalya, Grade four attended in ISRO’s Cyberspace Competition & introduced a model of SLV. The Indian Space Study Organisation (ISRO) has organised ‘ISRO Cyberspace Competitions 2024’ (ICC -2020) to nurture the young minds.

Ms.Niharika, a Grade nine student, won the finest delegate award in UNEP (U.N Environment Program) as a delegate of Belgium with a money prize of 3000 in a domestic inter-school MUN (Model U.N) conference where the judging panel consisted of TOI & Hindu news papers.

She has been inquired to draft resolutions & also speak on topics ranging from environmental problems to COVID 19 crises within the moderated caucus. NHSMUN is the globe’s highest & most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary educational institution candidates.

Uditi , Grade 10 won special appreciation for her position paper as a delegate of UNHRC (U.N Person Rights Council) awhile Ms. Anusha from Grade seven won laurels for her on-line presence as a delegate.

The other important view has been sensitising kids regarding cyber security. As of now, with classes shifting on-line, educational institutions are becoming incrementally vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Maintaining this in mind we’ve properly educated our kids & their own parents too have been regarding the same.

To avoid fatigue & stress learning, the on-line lessons are positioned so well that there is a long break between the sessions so that kids could cope up.

On top of it all, candidates have come up with a new idea. A tandem of eighth-graders has scripted & created a nukkad naatak in Hindi to educate people on the Coronavirus epidemic. The beauty of the activity lies within the truth that no 2 performers practised together. Keeping physical distancing rules, the practise & recording have been finished completely on-line.

Furthermore, we’ve gone numerous steps ahead by granting variant assignments to challenge candidates’ HOTS’ (Higher-order thinking skills).

HOTS is a concept famous within the West, moreso in American education. HOTS contain synthesizing, analyzing, reasoning, comprehending & application.

Some of the of these HOTS assignments contain: Demonstrations, Addresses; one-minute presentations; crowd discussions; open book queries; solve crossword puzzles; attend in on-line quizzes; construct model/device linked to concept learned. They debate some of the queries posed by a mentor (or) any question rised by any student, contests, quizzes, & and so on.

The educational institution imparts a plenty of importance to inculcating efficient questioning by candidates. Questioning makes candidates involve extra, become interactive, & develops listening skills amongst numerous.