Hyd: Fire breaks out at Hyderabad Cancer Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): A fire erupted in Cancer Hospital (3) in Red Hills, Lakdi ka pul on Wed. in the morning, making panic amongst the sufferers.

As per records, the fire erupted within the blood bank on the field floor of the MNJ Institute of Oncology Local Caner Hospital (3) in Red Hills in about 8:30 am. Although, no casualties have been recorded. The people on the upper floors within the hospital (3) have been immediately evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Hospital (3) employees immediately cautioned fire curb room. Fire tenders from that Assembly fire station & Secretariat fire station dashed to the location & put out the fire in half an hour.

Short circuit is suspected to be the cause of fire. Air circumstances, fridge & different things of the blood bank are lost in fire.