Huge quantity of cough syrup seized in Manipur, 2 arrested

Imphal: Police captured a massive quantity of cough syrup & detained 2 people in Manipurs Thoubal dist. on Mon., an official stated.

Acting on a tip-off, a police tandem raided a home in Lilong Tharaorok region within the early hours of Mon. & captured 485 bottles of cough syrups, the official stated.

The 2 people were detained & an FIR was registered in Lilong PS (police station) over them. The police is interrogating as to just how they got (1) hold of such massive quantity of cough syrups, he stated.

In Manipur(MN) cough syrups aren’t permitted to be sold without a doctors prescription as some of the citizens misuse it as a form of intoxicant, the official added further.