How to Wear Pendants with Crosses

Without a doubt, pendants are fantastic accessories for wearing on a daily basis. You don’t even have to put too much effort to make your decision personalized. There are several combinations that will suit maxing out your style effortlessly.

For ordinary people, the cross is nothing more than an ordinary traditional accessory, to which everyone is used to and does not put anything special in its essence. But it turns out that around this amulet there are many questions. How to properly consider a cross, can it be removed, what to do if the cross is broken. To understand these questions is quite difficult, because people tend to trust more to the superstitions ingrained in our society, and less to books, because we have to open and even read them.

From this perspective, the best samples are simply found within one online catalog. In the case of FJewellery, the total bestsellers is

Aside from compatibility with different outfits, the variety of pendant designs are strikingly impressive. It will not disrupt the vibe of other accessories and will only highlight their peculiarities.

How to Select Cross Pendants

Regardless of how simple these layouts seem, your decision-making shouldn’t be lacking. There are several aspects to be aware of:

• First of all, crosses made of gold come in several styles. If you are interested in universal symbols of faith, you will need to distinguish Orthodox and Catholic signs in the layout structure. There are also less religion-oriented options like ankh and maltese crosses. Either way, it isn’t forbidden to pick up any style, regardless of your religious background.

• The choice of pendants is largely predetermined by chains and vice versa. Enthusiasts have to consider the model’s attachment principle. It should be big enough to suit the diameter of the chosen chain.

• The weight and size also matter. Cross pendants that weigh more than a chain itself will make the latter prone to damage in the long run. The balance has to be the opposite, usually 1:2.

The technical execution of all these items can be different – airy and weightless or massive and heavy. Choose a cross should be based on the nature of its future owner, age and position. Do not forget about the events for which the cross will be worn: what is suitable for a theatrical release or a dinner party, may be completely inappropriate for a romantic evening or a youth party.

What Type of Cross Is Best?


For those parties who desire to choose a wonderful pendant, it is vital to compare the visual appeal of different models — professional photos will show what is what:

• Even if you are shopping online, you have tools to distinguish gorgeous from average. Plain metal crosses are great for minimalism lovers, and they are suitable for children, for him, and for her.

• If you require something more glamorous, crosses with gemstones will be your lucky time. White gold and diamonds are a stunning combination, as well as colourful stones like rubies and yellow gold. In this case, your sense of taste is guiding.

• There are solid and hollow models. The latter are usually more delicate and cause an airy impression. Solid pieces are lasting and durable. Both categories of items come at inexpensive prices due to their rather small sizes.

• Engravings are in demand. It is a stunning way to deliver a hidden message to a target recipient, transforming this purchase into a cute gift for any occasion. They will work for solid pieces better and let them sparkle in a more peculiar way.

Wrap It Up

So far, online shopping has proven its efficiency for people who are passionate about jewellery. The assortment is ever-changing thanks to dozens of contributions from the best providers. The scenario of FJewellery isn’t any different. Here you are welcome to buy exclusive models at discounted prices without worries about the product quality.

How to Choose a Cross for Child

If the sacrament of baptism occurs at an early age, what cross is better to choose? It is better to buy a cross for the baby made of precious metals – gold or silver. Gold and silver jewelry does not cause irritation and allergies. It is desirable that the cross has rounded edges. They will not scratch the baby’s delicate skin. It is believed that the cross is put on once at the baptism and then worn for life. Therefore, a baby cross first put on a string, so that when the child grows up, replace the string on a beautiful chain. The rope must be strong, so that it does not break during play.

Sometimes parents take the cross off a small child for safety reasons, for example, when he sleeps.

These crosses are made according to religious principles and are distinguished by their subtlety and variety of materials. The prices of the crosses may vary depending on the manufacturer, complexity and the metal used.

How do I take care of my cross?

In order to bring the gold cross in a proper form after long wear, it is enough to wipe it with a cloth soaked in a water solution of detergent and ammonia.

To make the product for many years to shine like new, at least once a month, wash it in a soapy solution. First, immerse the cross in warm water for one hour, then rinse and dab with a soft cloth.

No one is safe from losing a cross, especially if it is worn on a thin chain. If you find a cross in a crowded place, hang it on a branch of a nearby tree or place it on a bench in case the owner is found.

You can also leave a note or write an ad in social networks about the find.

Is it worth leaving the cross for yourself – a controversial question. According to beliefs, to find a cross is not good. Allegedly, along with him to you can go to the sins and misfortunes of the previous owner. Esotericists say that the pendants-crosses are often used in black magic – for example, to bring misfortune on the other person.

It is recommended to wear a cross in a temple. For example, it can be donated to an icon.