Hindus urge UK firm to withdraw offensive apparel & apologies

New Delhi(DL): Hindus are urging “Yoga Peace Personal life”, a London (United Kingdom) based apparel & accessories on-line firm, for the immediate withdrawal of some of the products.

that they feel denigrate & trivialize sacred Hindu symbols & concepts.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in an announcement in Nevada(NV) (USA) today.

stated that it has been hurtful for the devotees to watch the immensely revered Hinduism symbols/concepts juxtaposed with an profanity on some merchandise sold by this firm.

Zed, who’s President of the Universal Community of Hinduism, indicated that it has been greatly improper & insensitive for a business to push their own products that are seemingly disrespecting & disparaging the deeply conducted belief system of a huge section of the globe public.

Greatly venerated “Om” has been the mystical syllable including the universe.

that in Hinduism has been habituated to present & conclude religious work (5); Rajan Zed said.

Zed furthermore stated that Namaste, whose normally understood meaning was-I bow the divine in you-besides being a customary Hindu greeting, has been also an expression of reverence & veneration, & has been utilized in worship also.

Derived from Sanskrit, it identified a reference within the globe’s oldest extant scripture Rig-Veda & different early Hindu texts.

It has been also displayed in ancient Hindu sculptures, & archaeological findings from as early as regarding 3000 BCE allegedly disclosed figurines in Namaste posture.

Improper consumption of Hindu concepts (or) symbols (or) deities (or) icons for commercial (or) different agenda wasn’t okay as it wound the faithful.

Rajan Zed observed & pushed “Yoga Peace Personal life” CEO to also offer a official apology, apart from withdrawing offensive products.

“Yoga Peace Personal life” shouldn’t be within the business of religious appropriation.

sacrilege, & ridiculing overall communities; Zed emphasized.

Hinduism has been the oldest & 3rd highest religion of the globe with regarding 1.One billion adherents & a rich philosophical imagined & it shouldn’t be taken frivolously.

Symbols/concepts of any faith, larger (or) smaller, shouldn’t be mishandled; Rajan Zed pointed out.

Zed added further that such denigration & trivialization of Hindu symbols/concepts has been disturbing to the Hindus globe over.

Hindus have been for free artistic expression & speech as much as anyone else in case not extra.

However faith has been something sacred & attempts in trivializing it wound the followers.

Products of “Yoga Peace Personal life”, initiated in 2014, included t-shirts/apparel & accessories for people, ladies, children, babies.