Hamari wali Good News 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Hamariwali Good News 1 January 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Hamariwali Good News 31st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Navya Informing I Don’t Really know Just how To Safeguard My Adi. She Talks To Gautam & Cries. Sanjay Comes There & Sees Her.

He States Adi Is Behind Bars, However You Going to Gain Punished, Just I Could Safeguard Adi. Navya States Make Me Meet That Customer Who Blamed Adi.

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Gautam States Okay, I Going to Call Satish. He States He Accepted To Meet You. Navya Meets Satish. She States Adi Could Never Accomplish This, Just Make Me Meet Your Boss.

Satish States Sorry, He Is Busy, You Could’t Meet Him, In case Boss Takes Complaint Back, Afterwards Your Spouse Could Come Out, However… She States Please Support Me. He States I Could Just Try To Support You Indirectly.

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She States Your Name Won’t Come, Tell Me Just how Could I Meet Him. He Requests Her To Approach The Restaurant In Night & Meet Him. She Requests Just how Going to I Identify Him.

He States I Going to Be In Touch With You, Don’t Tell Anybody, Else I Going to Lose My Job. She Gratitude Him. He States The Dress Code Is Red. She Gratitude Him & Leaves.

He Smiles. Renuka & Mukund Try To Meet Adi. Inspector States You Could’t Meet Him. Navya Calls Renuka. She Fails To Talk. She Imagines Sorry, I Have To Accomplish This To Safeguard Adi.

She Gets Prepared In A Red Dress. She Talks To Satish On Call & States Yes, I Going to Approach Until 8pm. Renuka Comes House. She Sees Navya Leaving & Stops Her. She Requests What’s Happening, What Are You Going To Accomplish.

Navya States What A Spouse Should Accomplish To Safeguard Her Spouse. Renuka Requests What Accomplish You Mean. She Sees Sumitra Coming. She Scolds Navya.

Navya Sees Sumitra & Indu. She Argues With Renuka. She Gets A Call Again & States Yes, I Going to Approach Until 8pm. She Leaves. Sumitra Shows The Firetorch To Renuka.

Renuka States We Have A Big Issue Here, Adi Is In Jail, Mukund Is Gathering Numerous Lawyers, In Least Let Adi Come Back House, I Going to Gain His own Sign.

Sumitra States Condition Is Condition. Renuka Gets Angry. Sumitra States You Have To Accept Failure, He Could Also Sign From The Jail, Go & Gain His own Sign. She Goes. Renuka Cries. She Awaits For Preeti. Preeti Comes House & Requests Why Did You Call Me.

Renuka States I Need To Meet Alok. Preeti States He Has Come Outdoor, He Stated, He Has To Await For Me. Renuka States I Going to Inquire Him To Free Adi. Preeti States Listen To Me, Alok Is Really Angry On You From He Has Witnessed Navya & Your Drama, He Doesn’t Like You.

Renuka States No, I Going to Beg Him & Apologize, He Must Safeguard Adi. Preeti States Adi Is My Brother Also, Let Me Handle It, I Spoke To Adi, Alok Has been Speaking To A Minister, He Going to Come Out Shortly, Alok Isn’t Bad Hearted, Try To Know Him, I Going to Go As of now, Just Call Me In case There Is Anything.

Alok Talks To Sanjay. Preeti Comes & Sits In The Car. Renuka Comes. Alok States Satish Spoke To Her, She Going to Approach There In 8pm, She Has Worn A Red Dress, The Spouse & Spouse Have Right Love, Such Foolish Lady Gain Prepared To Give Big Sacrifices For Spouse, Accept The Small Gift From My Side. He Crushes A Flower Under His own Foot. Renuka Gets Stunned Hearing This. Alok Leaves.

Navya Comes To The Restaurant & Looks For Satish’s Boss. She Gets A Card. She Reads… You Have To Await For Some of the Time In case You Need To Safeguard Your Spouse.

She Checks The Drink. She Doesn’t Take It. She Imagines Did I Accomplish Any Error By Coming Here. She Requests For Water.

Sanjay Smiles & States Clever Lady, I Understood You Going to Just Have Water, So I Offered You A Drink. Sumitra Stops Renuka & Requests Where Are You Going. Renuka States I M Going To Temple To Pray For Adi. Sumitra States Pray In House, Light Diyas In House. Renuka Worries.

The Couple Dance Round Is Declared. Renuka Lights The Diyas. Indu States You Could’t Go Out, Its Sumitra’s Order. Renuka States I Have To Go. Indu States Sumitra Went Out.

Renuka Requests What Accomplish You Need To Accomplish With Navya. Indu Stops Her. Renuka Requests What’s This Misbehavior, Let Me Go.

Indu Pushes Her Far away. Navya Goes For The Dance. Renuka States No 1 Could Block Me From Saving Navya, I Won’t Let Anything Happen To Her.

She Throws Kumkum In Indu. She Ties Up Indu. Indu States Leave Me, Sumitra Won’t Like It In case You Really know This. Renuka Ties Her & Runs Far away.

Navya Goes To Sanjay & States I Had To Talk To You Regarding Adi. He Requests Her For Dance. She Doesn’t Watch His own Face Because Of The Mask. She Requests Going to You Support Me, Adi Is Innocent. He States Only In case You Need…He Hugs Her.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 31st December 2024 / (1-01-2021)

First episode date: 20 October 2024
Number of seasons: 1
Network: Zee TV
Genre: Drama
Languages: English, Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV : 7.30 PM (IST)

Zee TV HD : 7.30 PM

Hamariwali Good News Cast:

  • Shakti Anand
  • Srishti Jain
  • Juhi Parmar
  • Raghav Tiwari
  • Farah Lakhani

Note: Hamariwali Good News January 1, 2024 Episode will be updated in written text format.

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