Hamari wali Good News 12th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Hamariwali Good News 12 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Hamariwali Good News 11th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sumitra Informing You Had Hidden This From Me.

Indu Got The File, Why Didn’t You Tell Me, What’s This. Renuka Sees Navya’s Patrika. Sumitra States You Didn’t Tell Me The Kundli Dosh.

Navya Going to Face Problems In Getting A Child, Does Mukund Really know This, Indu Call Him, He Going to Tell The Fact. Renuka States Don’t Call Him.

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He Doesn’t Believe In All This, I Made This Because We Believe In It. She Lies To Sumitra. Navya Looks On. She Imagines Renuka Is Cunning A Lot To Conceal My Weakness. Renuka Worriedly Makes The Meal. Adi Comes & States Dad Is Shouting.

He Desires You To Come For Puja. Renuka States Your Dad Just Shouts All The Time. She Gets Her Hand Burnt. He States You Got Your Hand Burnt. She States Its Okay. Mukund Shouts. Adi Requests Her To Come Fast.

Mukund States Renuka Doesn’t Worth Time, She Knows There Is Puja In Shop, She Has No Time, I M Going To Sumitra’s Home. Adi & Renuka Come. Mukund Requests Renuka To Accomplish Puja. Renuka Does The Puja. Mukund Takes Sweets For Sumitra.

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Navya Is Sad. She Requests Why Did You Not Go There. Renuka States I Need To Stay Far away From Sumitra Until We Locate A Resolution, Don’t Cry, I Tell Everybody That You Are My Strength, Prathna Informed Me That We Must Keep Trying.

We Going to Locate Some of the Way, Its Diwali Today. Adi Smiles. Renuka Gets A Call. She States Rachna Got An Attack, I Going to Go To {Hospital} & Watch Her, You Accomplish Preparations For Puja.

Navya Prays. She States Don’t Really know In case Renuka & Adi’s Call Is Right, The Entire family Shouldn’t Gain Punished. Adi Comes To Her & Cheers Her. He Apologizes. She States Its Not Your Error. Mujhme Tu Plays Mukund Comes & Requests Where Is Renuka.

Navya States She Went To {Hospital}. He States Inquire Her To Come For Puja. He Goes For Bath. Adi Calls Renuka. Renuka States We Are Coming. A Boy Gets Wound. An Old Lady States I M His own Mum. Kusum States Baby In This Age…. Renuka Comes House.

She Does The Puja. Mukund States I Got This Gift For Navya, She Gave Us Great Personal life, Sumitra Inquired Me To Gift This. He Imparts The Gift To Navya. Renuka States You Must Make The Idol Have A Milk Bath 1st. Mukund States Okay.

Renuka Does The Rituals. Mukund Requests Renuka To Keep The Bal Gopal In Navya’s Lap From Her Lap. Renuka Gets Thinking. She Imagines Bansi Wale Has been Demonstrating Me This Way, I Couldn’t Know, I Have To Fulfil Navya’s Dream.

Mukund Imparts The Bal Gopal To Navya. Renuka Imagines I Going to Give Birth To Bal Gopal For Navya. Mukund States Its Sumitra’s Video footage Call. Sumitra Wishes Him Happy Diwali. He States Happy Diwali, I Got A Bal Gopal For Navya. Sumitra States Nice.

Everybody Wishes Happy Diwali To Sumitra. Renuka Also Wishes Her. Mukund States Everybody’s Errors Are Forgiven Today. Renuka Stops Navya. Mukund States This Yr., Diwali Looks Great. Renuka Smiles. Mukund Goes.

Navya States We Going to Tell Fact To Mukund. Renuka States Come With Me. She Takes Navya With Her. She States I Have Identified A Way, Listen To Me. Navya States We Have To Tell The Fact. Renuka States We Have A Way, Bansi Wale Gave Me Signs, I Didn’t Know.

Pandit Ji Predicted That Child Going to Be Born In This Home, We Couldn’t Talk To Preeti & Alok To Gain A Child, Prathna Blessed Me Instead You, Bal Gopal Demonstrated Me The Way, Why Could’t I Becomes A Mum.

In case Any Old Lady Could Becomes A Mum, I Could Fulfil Your Dream, I Could Put A Child In Your Lap. She Cries. Navya Is Stunned. Mukund & Adi Light Crackers. Navya States This Could’t Happen, Just how Could You Becomes A Mum.

Renuka States Why, Accomplish You Have The other Way. Navya States I Got This Imagined, However…. I Left This Imagined. Kusum Requests Mukund To Practise It, He Going to Play With Children Shortly.

Gautam States Mukund Is Going To Becomes A Dada. Renuka Requests Why Didn’t You Tell Me. Navya States You Have Numerous Responsibilities. Renuka States I M Just 45 Yr. Old. Navya States I Could’t Be So Selfish.

Renuka States Don’t Worry For Me, I Had 2 Kids By Regular Delivery, I Have Much Strength, You Could Gain My Check up Finished. Navya States Its Strange, We Live In This Community. Renuka States Leave The Community, Bansi Wale Going to Support Us.

You Gain Happy, You Going to Becomes A Mum. Navya States Adi Won’t Agree. Renuka States I Going to Talk To Adi. Navya States In case Anything Happens To You. Renuka States Nothing Going to Happen, Are You With Me (or) Not.

Navya States No. Renuka States You Worry For My Health, We Going to Gain Tests Finished Tomorrow. Navya States Adi Won’t Agree. Renuka States We Going to Tell Him Thereafter, Look About, There Is Lights In This Darkness, Like The Globe Is Happy For Us, What Sign Accomplish You Need. Renuka Smiles & Holds Navya.

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Ongoing Updates: 11th November 2024 / (12-11-2020)

First episode date: 20 October 2024
Number of seasons: 1
Network: Zee TV
Genre: Drama
Languages: English, Hindi

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Hamariwali Good News Cast:

  • Shakti Anand
  • Srishti Jain
  • Juhi Parmar
  • Raghav Tiwari
  • Farah Lakhani

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