Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Avinash and Guddan make a deal

The daily episode begins with Ganga requesting the goons who’re with Choti to open water from that tap above the baby. The basket in that Choti is begins getting filled with water. Guddan shouts however Ganga states that her heart won’t melt & orders her to block.

On the different hand, Akshat gets up from that hole in that he has been buried. Guddan is enraged & she grabs Ganga’s neck throwing far away the gun she’s holding. She pins Ganga over a pillar & chokes her informing that she won’t spare her as of now from she’s crossed all limits. Durga & Lakshmi try to block Guddan because Choti is with Ganga. Guddan stops hearing the baby crying.

Rain begins & the water cleans Akshat’s body that has been dirtied with sand. Ganga warns Guddan that she won’t spare her for what she did & requests her goons to rise the speed of water. She states that she’ll punish Choti for her mom’s deeds.

Guddan states that she’s Choti Guddan & she & her goons could’t accomplish anything to her. Ganga states that she can’t know her: being bubbly is great however losing her mind in such a time is unfair. Guddan states that suggesting is great however she must look in the projector once from her schedules seems to fail.

When Ganga looks in the projector, she gets stunned seeing Akshat there. Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati are happy to watch him alive. Akshat sees Choti in water & rushes to gain her. Choti smiles. Akshat informs her that he lost her a lot. Ganga shouts to block him.

Avinash comes & gets stunned seeing Akshat. He states that it’s impossible from he buried with his own own hands. Akshat states that when a daughter is now in danger, not even a bullet could murder him. Avinash orders goons to murder Akshat. The latter fights with them after placing Choti down safely. He beats the goons.

Guddan looks in Choti who states that she’s quite lucky to have a dad like Akshat. Durga states that she’s lucky to have a mom like her as well. She states that it’s time to teach a lesson to the devil who’s put them in difficulty & not to cry. Lakshmi agrees & states that there Akshat going to teach a lesson to the goons & here they’ll teach 1 to Ganga.

They show their own fists that are filled with some of the red powder to Guddan. She nods.

Goons hold Akshat & choke him. Avinash orders to murder him. Although, Akshat frees himself & beats the goons with bat. Avinash grabs a hockey stick. Simultaneously.

Durga & Lakshmi throw pepper powder on Ganga’s face & she begins screaming. Avinash stops before he can hit Akshat as he sees Ganga on the projector.

Guddan grabs the gun Ganga has been holding & drags her threatening her. Akshat requests Guddan to block & not to accomplish anything to Ganga. Guddan, with the support of her daughters-in-law ties Ganga to a chair with rope.

Avinash threatens Akshat to block his own spouse however he states that he doesn’t fear him anymore. He beats Avinash who falls down with his own face towards the field. Avinash gets scared seeing glass ahead of him, close to his own face.

He requests Akshat to block however he’s enraged. Avinash begs him to let him go however Akshat states that he targetted his own family (4) so he won’t spare him. He punches him & states that as of now he could continue his own drama in jail from he & his own spouse going to spend his own whole personal life there. He calls police informing that he’s sending a spot to them. He informs that Choti is safe.

Akshat turns towards Choti however just afterwards Avinash grabs a dagger fell near him & gets up.

He stabs Akshat from behind. Guddan sees that on the projector & screams.

She cries. Aviansh states that Akshat must have died him when he’d opportunity.

He states that he won’t go to jail nor let Ganga go.

Avinash is regarding to grab Choti however Akshat holds his own wrist & pushes him far away. Akshat picks Choti in his own arms & is regarding to run however slips & falls.

Avinash grabs a hoe & is regarding to hit Akshat with that however Guddan stops him informing that in case anything happens to Choti (or) Akshat afterwards he’ll lose his own most prominent relationships.

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