Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th August 2024 Written Episode Update: AJ is shocked to see Guddan and Choti’s DNA match

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega fourth Aug 2024 Written Daily episode, Written Update

Scene 1
Ganga is hiding the trashcan. She comes out & coughs. She states I’d to stay here to locate the tickets for Choti. She looks about within the could & finally locates it.

She states no 1 could block my revenge as of now.

Lakshmi states that what kinda test is where you break the heart of your loyal human?

The records are here & I really know the fact however just how going to mother-in-law react when she knows the fact?

Choti looks exactly like her when she’s not her real daughter? You’ll tell her the fact, I don’t have the guts.

AJ looks in Guddan taking care of Choti. He recalls her words that they’ll make a powerful family (4) that no 1 could break.

Lakshmi comes there & states records are here. Guddan states we really know what’s within the record. AJ recalls the doctor’s words that her daughter passed away.

Guddan sees Choti sleeping holding her hand, she states I’m coming back in a bit, don’t worry. AJ sadly looks in Choti & goes with Guddan.

Durga comes to meet Ganga. Ganga shows her the records & states Choti is not Guddan’s daughter, think what going to happen to Guddan?

However we’ve to think regarding Choti’s real parents, we could’t take (2) their own daughter from them. I really know you care regarding justice.

Durga is tensed, Ganga imagines that Durga going to accomplish the rest of my work (5) to make this lie a fact.

Scene 2
Guddan requests Lakshmi to open the record & read it for me. Lakshmi is tensed & looks on.

Durga comes to Choti’s room & cries. Ganga states to think regarding her real parents, she deserves to be with them.

She takes Choti from there.

Lakshmi requests AJ to read the records. AJ is tensed & recalls just how the doctor stated that their own baby passed away. AJ reads it & is stunned.

He states Guddan & Choti’s DNA matched, she’s her daughter. Guddan states I understood it. Lakshmi states actually? Guddan shows her the records. AJ is stunned & states Choti is our daughter? Lakshmi hugs Guddan & nods in AJ.

Lakshmi states let’s appreciate God. They begin pooja.

On the different hand, Durga brings Choti to the parents thinking they’re her real parents.

She’s regarding to give her to them. Choti is crying badly. Durga cries with her.

Guddan is doing the pooja with AJ & Lakshmi when she feels uneasy & goes to see on Choti. AJ prays to lord & gratitude him to prove that Choti is their own daughter, why did the doctor lie to us?

There is someone behind this lie & quite close to us. He sees Guddan going & calls out to her. Guddan states I’m going to see on Choti.

Lakshmi sees diya blown off & states this is a bad omen. Guddan states it’s just the winds. She tries to light diya again however it doesn’t.

The parents plead Durga to give their own daughter to them.Durga imagines that Choti is their own daughter afterwards why I feel this pain when I’m trying to give her to them.

Guddan tries & lights diya again. She informs Lakshmi & AJ that Kahna has to bow down to me when I’m stubborn. Suddenly Guddan’s saree catches fire, AJ pulls her back & dozes off the fire.

Lakshmi states this is bad, some of the evil is out there. Guddan states nothing to worry, Kahna is with me so nothing unfair going to happen. She goes to see on Choti.