Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd August 2024 Written Episode Update: Avinash stops supporting Ganga

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega third Aug 2024 Written Daily episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ requests is Ganga house? Ganga comes out of the bathroom & states quite much so. She states let’s go eat. Ganga looks in Avinash & states let’s go. AJ goes downstairs. Guddan states I’m so hungry. Guddan states we all accomplish it together right bhaiya? He states yes. Guddan states he agrees you really know why? AJ requests why? Guddan states because he was far from family (4) & he understands the importance of personal life. He won’t ever need to lose the family (4) again. & you, you have been far from me within the lock-down. AJ leaves. Guddan states to Avinash you care so much regarding the family (4). You deserve all this praise.

He states let me wash my face. You go. Guddan states it should be hot within the saree right? I gain to really know when citizens act. Ganga is unfair I really know. However you’re contributing her I really know that as well.

Why is all this happening? Tell me within the right way otherwise, I’ll locate out anyway. We must show our family (4) the correct way, not be with them within the unfair. You’re such a great person. I really know you’ll be with the right. Let’s go to eat.

Guddan states to Choti I enjoyed lunch with you. She states where is dadi? no 1 ate correctly. Laxmi states she ate heavy within the breakfast. Durga states in heart just how accomplish we tell you we’re tensed regarding the records. They leave. Guddan states they’re all worried however won’t tell me. They don’t wanna pressure your mama. Once we’ve the records, it’ll be all fine. Ganga looks in her & states once those exchanged records gain house, your personal life would be upside down.

Avinash comes. Ganga gets scared. She states you’ll murder me someday. He states I imagined regarding it. Ganga let this go. Let everything be regular, that would be great for everyone of us. Ganga states are you out of your mind? I’ll shave my head in case this schedule fails.

Doorbell rings. Ganga states records are here. She states I could’t pick them, Guddan would question me. Ganga states Laxmi, someone is in the door. Please see. Laxmi states you could see as well. Ganga states I’m the MIL, you go & open. Laxmi opens the door.

It’s a postman. He states your letter. Guddan calls Laxmi. She states to Ganga to receive this letter. I’ve to go to Guddan. Ganga gets the letter. Guddan comes there. Ganga hides behind the sofa.

Ganga states this is the right time. She leaves the record in Guddan’s basket. Guddan sees the letter, she’s regarding to pick it. Choti begins crying. Guddan tries to handle her. The diaper falls on the envelope. Guddan trashes it with the diaper. Guddan goes upstairs with Choti. Ganga states what’s happening. She collides with Avinash.

The trashcan isn’t there. Ganga states where did it go?

Ganga comes to the room & requests Avinash did you throw it? You understood it’d.. Avinash states fraud records. I couldn’t locate the other way to block you. Ganga states in case you don’t wanna support your spouse don’t, however just how dare you block me. He states I love you. I could’t watch you on the unfair path. She states you spoke to that Guddan right? He states it doesn’t issue. I won’t accomplish anything unfair as of now & won’t let you accomplish it.

We could go return to our old personal life. Why could’t we go return to it. Ganga states the time has turned. The lady that you’re trying to safeguard, she died our child. Avinash states it wasn’t Guddan’s error, it has been your yours. Please, we got (1) our family (4) after so numerous yrs..

Don’t ruin it. Ganga states the battle has initiated. I’ll burn down everything. I won’t block. Avinash states in case this is your call, I could’t walk with you on this path. Ganga states I don’t want anybody. Avinash leaves. Ganga states Guddan, you taken my child & spouse far from me. I’ll ruin your personal life.

Scene 2
Choti cries. AJ states why is she crying so much? Guddan states when I lay her within the cot, she cries. She doesn’t need to go far from me. AJ states in heart records would be here any moment. He states keep her with you. Guddan states always. Guddan makes her sleep within the bed. AJ looks in them within the tears. He states just how going to I handle you once the fact is out?

Scene 3
In night, someone comes to Guddan’s room & picks Choti. Guddan wakes & screams, leave my baby. She fights with that human. The human shoves her far away. Guddan screams.. She wakes up. AJ states what happened? Guddan states someone has been taking Choti far from me. AJ states you’re safe, she’s safe & with us. Don’t worry. Guddan states something doesn’t feel right.

I won’t ever let Choti go far from me. AJ states in heart, I also need to keep you & Choti safe in my arms however that isn’t possible.