Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update: AJ Finds Choti

Scene 1
Ganga says see I am getting engaged. Avinash says this isn’t right. I am your husband. Ganga says Guddan, get me my ring. Ganga says I will be in diljit’s arms soon. Guddan says in heart AJ will have to get out of here to find Choti. Ganga says come here. Let’s get done with this engagement. Ganga says clap everyone and bring flowers. Guddan brings the ring. She falls and the ring falls. Everyone looks for the ring.

Guddan says to AJ, you stay here. Let me find Choti there. AJ says you can’t go there. It isn’t safe.

You can’t go there. Ganga looks at them and says I found the ring. AJ says I wanted to talk to you about something. Come with me. He takes her to a side. Diljit says I can’t do this engagement until I end all your troubles.

Let’s solve that little girl’s problem first. Ganga says that girl won’t be here in half an hour. AJ says those goons are useless. She says okay you go and send her in the train. We will be mentally free. Durga says where is he going? Ganga says I am so lucky.

Guddan says to AJ please bring Choti back. I will pray for both of you. Take care please. AJ says I will unite our family. AJ leaves. Saru comes there. She says so AJ is Diljit. You two did a fraud.

Now see what I go. Guddan says oh God, what will happen now. Guddan leaves. Saru sees a gold bangle on the floor. She says oh a gold bangle. Guddan comes there and picks it. Guddan says that’s all you want right?

Take it. Saru says is it for me? Guddan says you can take all the jewelry I wore today. You love it more than people. Saru says I shouldn’t lose this chance.

I can tell Ganga later. Saru picks it all. Guddan says I can do anything for my daughter. Saru says I got the jewelry.

And Ganga has your daughter. You lost. Guddan says you lost actually. Guddan shoves her and locks her in the store. Saru says leave me.

Scene 2
AJ comes to the shed. Motu Patlu says you hit us that day. AJ says Ganga sent me to take this girl to the station. Patlu says how can we trust you? AJ says you can ask Ganga.

Motu says only madam knows this place’s location. She must have sent him. They give her to AJ. AJ picks her. Choti smiles. She pulls his beard.

Motu says this is AJ. AJ says to Choti you’re just like your mom. Guddan says I feel like AJ got Choti. AJ says yes I am AJ. I will take all the revenge for giving this pain to my daughter. He takes off turban and beard. AJ hits both of them. AJ smiles at Choti.

He says let’s go to mama baby. Guddan says AJ isn’t back yet. Please help him get Choti God. Ganga says your game is over Guddan. You thought you can fool me here and I won’t do anything?

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