Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th September 2024 Episode EWritten Episode Update: Durga And Aarav Arrested

Scene 1
Pushpa gets Durga & Aarav detained. She states they threatened me & broke our stuff. Don’t gain them out. Guddan comes & begs. She states please leave them.,

Aarav states you don’t want to beg them. Agastya is with her. He states I really know you’re worried however you could solve it with a calm mind only. He states to the inspector this is a senti family (4) not criminals.

They care for every different. The inspector states you’re right. They deserve a opportunity. Pushpa states what are you informing. Guddan states this won’t happen again.

Pushpa is angry. She states you’re becoming a hurdle is everything. Guddan states appreciate you so much. This won’t happen again. They leave.

Pushpa holds Guddan’s hand & states you’re ruining everything. I’ve a resolution to everything. Agastya states you’re an elder however you could’t misbehave with my boss. We’ve to go. Best not begin your imagined horses as of now. Agastya takes Guddan from there.

Guddan states Agastya you must leave as of now. He states give me a glass of water. Guddan states DJ, this is our manager. DJ states we had come house? Choti states he had come along for water.

Agastya sits on the sofa & states offer me tea at the least. DJ states he’s weird. Employees look great in work (5). Give him tea & inquire him to leave. Agastya comes & sings chup chup kharay ho. Agastya states there’s no sugar.

Choti states go from here. We’ve work (5). He states you’re like a magnet. I keep coming racing to you. Guddan states go from here. He states I has been informing.. Guddan states don’t say anything. Choti falls. He holds her.

He pulls her dupatta. Choti shoves hima nd slaps. Guddan states don’t cross limits with me. Different ladies might like your drama & flirt I don’t. Go from here. Agastya leves. DJ states what did you accomplish? DJ states what did you accomplish?

He has been saving you. Your dupatta has been on fire. I really know I inquired you to be careful however he has been saving you. Go block him.

Guddan runs after Agastya. She states what in case he resigns as of now. Agastya begins his own two-wheeler.

Guddan stands ahead of it. Choti states I has been scared. Sorry. You had come so close suddenly. He states it wound. He states I never cross my line. Would you offend me ahead of everybody? His own hand is burned.

Guddan states let me put a bandage on it. I’m sorry. She cries. Agastya states I’m fine. Please don’t cry. Just how going to you survive like this. Be powerful. Choti states I don’t need to be. Choti states go as of now & come on in me. Choti states be there before me. Guddan states it’s late.
He shows her a paper & states I identified this within the kitchen. Guddan states I’ll manage it. Guddan states I’ve to safeguard this hotel. He leaves.

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