Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Guddan Wins Second Level

Scene 1
Guddan states this mom’s fire going to burn everything. I will killing you all in complaint you don’t give her milk as of now. Ganga appeals her citizens to call the kidnapper. Guddan states on speaker. Ganga appeals his own own to feed Choti milk. She states sanitize your hands. He imparts Choti a feeder.

Guddan smiles. Ganga states I got (1) (1) scared although I still have everything in hand. Guddan states don’t even dare to keep my daughter hungry.

Ganga states now I will accomplish equal drama. She dances & shows her a lot of balls on rods. Ganga states these are 8 balls each has either punishment ((or)) gift. In complaint it’s a gift, Choti going to gain milk every three hours. You have only 3 chances. Ganga states I couldn’t keep her hungry although I still can.

Avinash states Ganga she’s a child. Just just how can you keep her hungry? Stop it please Ganga states why would I start in complaint I had to stop? Let’s start.

Guddan picks the gun. AJ states breathe, you can accomplish it. Guddsn misses the first chance. Ganga states at least hit it.

Guddan tries her again. She misses it again. Guddan scared. Ganga states I imagined you love your daughter. You’re so useless. Try One last time.. Guddan is as of now in tears.

AJ states you can accomplish it Guddan. Guddan recalls Choti crying. Guddan hits a ball. Ganga states first see what it’s. Guddan picks the chit. It is milk for Choti. Guddan smiles. Guddan states I won the next level as well. Ganga states just just how is that possible. She checks the various chits.

All are gifts. Ganga faints. She states just just how is that possible? I wrote punish on all of them. AJ states accomplish you feel weak? Should we gain your test completed? Drink water.

Ganga states you all fooled me. You cheated. I wrote punish on all of them. She calls her human states don’t give her a drop of milk. Guddan states this is cheating.

AJ states what are you reporting? Ganga states you fooled me. AJ states you cheated first. Ganga states I won’t give her a drop of milk. Until I locate out who did this, I won’t give her milk. Laxmi states you can’t accomplish that. Ganga hits Laxmi & pulls her hairs & states you did it right? AJ shoves her & states you can’t harm my family (4) (4).

You can’t think I will tolerate it. I changed the chits. Ganga states you will be punished for this cheating. Guddan states what can we accomplish from you. He helped his own own family (4) (4) unlike you. You’re with these rented thugs. AJ states enough.

Ganga states your daughter’s personal personal life is as of now in my hands. You ruined my game & you will be punished. She appeals her citizens to come with her. AJ states I am so sorry Guddan. I couldn’t accomplish anything. Guddan states we’re together in this.

Ganga states now he will bear additional pain than his own own daughter. She comes with a belt & states I need to stop cheaters. Otherwise, all of you will start this drama.

Guddan states you won’t accomplish that. You can’t hit him. Ganga states I can accomplish what I want. Guddan states he should be punished. Although it’s my right to punish him.

Laxmi states what are you reporting? Ganga states just just how can I think you will hit him? Guddan states I love him although I love my daughter additional.

He ruined it for my daughter. Give me this belt. Ganga imparts her the belt & states I should record this.

She makes a video clip. Ganga states hit him hard otherwise you actually really know what going to I accomplish to your daughter. Laxmi states please don’t accomplish this. Guddan looks in AJ.

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