Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 18th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Niya fears by seeing Choti Guddan in her room and shouts for Pushpa.

Pushpa comes to Niya’s room and asks why are shouting if Rashi or Arushi listen to your sounds everything will go in vain.

Niya says she seen Choti Guddan in her room, Pushpa and Gang don’t believe her! Saru Maa foot prints of some one in room and gets fear by seeing them, Sona says Choti Guddan is at hospital that to in Coma how can she come here?

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Sona says in fear are these foot prints belongs to some devil or what? Pushpa scolds Sona and calls Agastya to enquire about Choti Guddan!

Agastya says no Mom she is not fine and I can’t see her in this condition anymore Mom and starts crying, Pushpa consoles him and asks to update about Guddan health to her and keeps the phone.

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Pushpa says Niya is in hospital only she not came here it’s your illusion only now sleep. Sona says then about this foot prints jiji no something is wrong and moves to window to see is someone is there outside!

Sona sees a lady walking alone on the road in white saree, Pushpa and Gang goes in search of that women but not find anyone.

Agastya prays to God to make Guddan and his child fine as soon as possible and starts talking with Guddan you are very brave Choti Guddan like your mother! You are a fighter I know you will fight with God and return back to me.

Agastya sees Choti Guddan heart beat is falling and get’s panic, doctor gives treatment and Guddan becomes normal, Agastya thanks doctor and kisses Choti Guddan on her forehead.

Agastya says I know you are a fighter and you will come back to me, you’re ray of our life Guddan please become fine soon and says doctor listened heart beat vof our baby and you want to listen to baby heart beat right, I will make you listen and takes stech scope, make Choti Guddan listen baby heart beat.

Guddan open her eyes, Agastya feels elated by seeing Guddan and calls doctor to check Guddan! Doctor says she needs time to get all her senses back you don’t worry Mr Agastya.

Agastya continues talking with Guddan and says I know you will talk with me very soon ( song plays in background).

Pushpa is in her room and thinks she can’t wait anymore now, I want to listen death news of Guddan as soon as possible.

Pushpa sees something written on her tea cup and reads it qubool karo( Accept it), on the other hand Sona comes infront of mirror to get ready and sees a note placed on mirror and reads it Tum Charo Ne( you four people).

Niya finds a letter and reads it Guddan ko Buri Tarika se Mara He( you beat Guddan to death) where as Saru Maa sees a message as Qubool karo ( Accept it) while performing pooja.

All four of them gets fear and shares everything to eachother and starts arranging the message i.e Accept it you four people beat Guddan to death and made her fell into coma accept it! Sona says some one knew this truth and starts doubting Saru Maa! Both starts arguing with eachother.

Pushpa gets irritate by there fighting and finds some one presence in the house. Pushpa all of them to stop fighting, first we have to find who is behind all this and goes in search of that women, enquiries watch man do you allowed any one inside before 15 minutes ago!

Watch man says yes Madam some women came in saree to meet you since I am new here I felt she is your relation and send her inside! Niya shows Guddan photo and asks watch man is she is that woman?

Watch man says yes Madam , Niya says at least you people believe me now! Pushpa says if Guddan is here in the house then who is in hospital! Episode ends on shocking face of Pushpa.

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Ongoing Updates: 18th November 2024 / (18-11-2020)

First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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