Flying Snakes 2024: Flying Snake with Wings, Rare flying Snake Seized from Man

Odisha: It is a crime under India’s Wildlife Protection Act to raise a snake in house, an officer said, adding which the reptile going to soon be sent in a forest.

Snake named Chrysopelea is the most common variety of flying snake that can be found in the deep forest, it is commonly known as flying snake.

A man keeps a flying snake in his home

Flying snakes with wings are still a grey area since most of the flying snakes found were spotted without wings.

This flying snake jumps from one branch to another in a dense forest.

Authorities from the Odisha Forest Department Tuesday seized a rare flying snake from the possession of a young boy in Bhubaneswar.

The stated boy utilized to earn his livelihood by showcasing the snake in public. An officer from that City Forest Division, Gopal Singh, informed to ANI,

“We rescued the flying snake from a boy who is a minor, so we are investigating the case carefully,” he said further.


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