What to Talk About on a Date: 10 First Date Conversation Topics in 2024

First dates can be somewhat difficult and stressful because both people obtain no information about each other yet. For a lot of people, this experience can get awkward or uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while now. The good thing is, you can quickly break the ice by talking and finding new ways to converse. You might already be an exciting interlocutor, but here are some additional topics both of you will find equally interesting for the upcoming date.

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Top 10 first date conversation topics in 2024

1. Best and worst dates

Talking about your exes with a new candidate might not be the best idea, but you don’t have to assign a conversation to someone’s ex. Talking about the best or the worst date that you have had or heard of will make you unravel dozens of funny stories. Everyone has dating fails, so talking about them openly will eliminate the weird feeling of your date’s unattainability because we all are humans. It will also show your funny yet honest side.

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2. Childhood fears

Were you afraid of something in your childhood? Was it so catastrophic you couldn’t fall asleep late at night? Children are very imaginative; that is why placing yourself in this position will open up a sincere little boy or girl sitting deep inside, wanting to talk about his or her emotions to others. People become kinder and more vulnerable when they are talking about past events. As weird as it sounds, common childhood fears might immensely bring you together.

3. Hidden talents

If your partner is good at yodeling and you like scuba diving, this might be the beginning of a relationship based on mutual sincere interest and respect! Everyone enjoys and likes something that is odd and a bit different, wouldn’t you agree? Even if you are afraid of talking about quirky skills, the outcome might be positively unexpected.

Knowing how passionately your date talks about embroidering or juggling beer cans might make your heart grow fonder.

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4. Books and movies

A bulletproof topic that you can’t go wrong with! There is no better conversation than getting to know each other’s preferences. If they like her movies and you are fond of rom-coms, it doesn’t mean that the situation will go south. In most cases, opposites attract and you will have plenty of time to discuss those differences. You can also talk about any potential date opportunities where the two of you will have the time of your life by watching a classical. Plenty more material to talk about.

5. Your immediate circles

Relatives and family, in general, are a successful topic because you can judge a person by their opinion on marriages and habitual remarks about the closest ones.

Moreover, you will get your hands on someone’s core childhood trauma, which is an entirely different topic of discussion. Wouldn’t you like to know how your date feels about his or her relatives, as well as about children? If your date is quite distant or emotionally unattached from his parents, and you are all about family life, chances of you two working out are quite slim.

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6. Life goals

Don’t expect a person to share their life goals on a first date because we tend to show only the best side to an attractive stranger. Yes, you might not obtain 100% legitimate information, but even a mere strategy is often a confirmation that your viz-a-viz has goals to achieve. How motivated are they, how they view life, and what they expect to accomplish in the near future can be a juicy topic to talk about. Open up and let them know if you are an ambitious person, or a laid-back optimistic worker. Discuss your perception of these things.

7. Family and children

If you are determined to find a stable relationship, this question should be a must-have in your small notebook. What are your date’s thoughts on marriage and children?

This topic of conversation will filter out every person who doesn’t share your life goals. Would they ever get married, or are they up for polygamy down the line? Do not be judgmental and know that it is always good to listen and understand someone else’s side and point of view.

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8. Traveling

What is your date’s ideal traveling destination? You can tell what the person is like depending on the type of country they want to visit. If anything, you will find additional conversation starters about cultural peculiarities and find your ideas for your bucket list. Talk about your favorite place in the world, and possibly share a picture or two to round up the story. This way, you two will get even closer – both physically and emotionally.

9. Sex and intimacy

If you think that talking about sex on the first date is morbid or absurd, you’re in the wrong. Talking about sexual preferences, as well as views on contraception, fidelity, and other interesting topics might be crucial for you as strangers. This topic might not be for the shyest individuals, but it will certainly open up the ”appetite” for fiery and feisty guys or girls. Sex is crucial in any relationship, which means that you should date someone who you find physically attractive. If they are your type + the two of you have similar fetishes, bingo!

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10. Laughing matter

Any laughing matter such as jokes and anecdotes make the best conversation topic. Sense of humor is one of the fundamental reviews both partners have to agree on. If you love dad jokes and your partner is all about dark humor, you’re going to have many stressful conversations about it in the future, so you should check that in advance. Tell your favorite joke to loosen up the mood and to kill off awkward silence. If they laugh, you’re on the right path to making this relationship happen.