6 Simple Crypto Trading Strategies for Growing Your Portfolio

Did you know that approximately 1 billion people across the globe are going to be cryptocurrency holders by the end of 2024, and the maximum domination is either Bitcoin or Ethereum? It is gaining immense popularity in different regions; however, the pace needs improvements in regions like Australia, North America, and the European region.

Returning to the focus on the positive side of global crypto growth, here are eight simple strategies you can use to boost your portfolio.

1. Idolize The Concept Of Day Trading

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Day trading involves trading in the day, and the strategy includes moving up to different positions based on the crypto market trends and exiting the market by the end of the day. This kind of trading concept consists of traders looking for information in the profit books during highly volatile price fluctuations. You might have also heard about this concept while trading on the stock exchange.

Pro Tip: If you want to expand your portfolio, you can consider exploring this trading using a technical indicator that helps determine the right situation for entry and exists in different types of cryptocurrencies.

2. Invest In Saving Your Digital Assets

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A more substantial crypto portfolio does not mean you are engrossed in buying and selling different currencies to enhance your visibility and the trader points. It should be much beyond that.

Crypto trading is incomplete until you are safely managing your cryptos. Digital assets can be stored in the form of hot or cold storage. The former is an online digital wallet, but the latter is an offline one. It is stored in the form of a hard drive. So, it would be best if you were holding your assets properly.

Pro Tip: Store a majority of your digital assets, let’s say 80% of them in the form of cold storage, and keep a part of it in hot storage, too. You can use the cold storage for long-term funding needs and cater to the short-term moves with the money in hot storage. The storage acts like long-term funding, and you can set up followed by a proper protocol for trading.

3. Range Trading

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Another tip that will boost your investment portfolio is to try range trading. All market players, whether new, mid-experienced, or old, have a thing for experienced analysts. They are experienced for many reasons like they render extensive support and resistance levels during the daily trade. If you are confused about the concept of resistance levels, you can co-relate it with the probable price rise in the currency. So, the resistance level can be anything above the current price of the money. On the other hand, the concept of support relates to the price below the current price and deals with the probable fall in the currency prices.

Pro Tip: You can get in touch with a reliable analyst and begin investing through trusted portals like bitcoin-loophole.live.

4. Dont Forget The Liquidity Ratio

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Your portfolio is a reflection of your market knowledge, your smartness with investments, and your ability to make decisions considering the facts and risks involved or not. So, if you want to enhance your portfolio and make it strong, you should always prioritize the degree of liquidity prevailing in the crypto market. If you are new to the concept, understanding liquidity is essential.

The word ‘liquid’ means the easiness of any particular stock or asset to transform into cash. Focusing on this holds importance for the strongness of your portfolio as it will determine the exit and your financial position through the overall trading process.

Pro Tip: Keep a close look at the liquid currencies. Bitcoin tops the list. You need to keep a check on the happenings of the crypto market as they are fast. It would help if you were sure that your entry and exit reflected through the portfolio would impact the buying and selling under your name. So, it is a complete cycle.

5. Dollar-Cost Averaging

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DCA, or dollar-cost averaging as you expand, relates to investing in the market. These investments are fixed and are at regular intervals only. The crypto market’s functioning is immense, and you need to plan all your moves if you want to be on the profitable side. The market activities are ongoing, but they can get cumbersome. You need to watch that your portfolio is at stake, which is essential if you are planning to gain a lot of wealth by investing in the crypto market. However, you should know that if you plan to use this style for your exit, withdrawing the amount at regular intervals can be tricky.

Pro Tip: You need to understand the marketing cycle, which is possible using the technical charts. They will help you with the appropriate time for the exits and also help you have a better hand at working with the crypto dealings in the long run.

6. Hype Calls Should Be A Complete No

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Cryptos are notorious. One moment they will make you feel like the King of the market with an impeccable rise in the prices, and the very next moment, you can be looking out for ways that will help you sail through a hard time. Also, social media can be the biggest myth-creator. You will be committing a blunder if you use it as a source to decide the investments. It will excite you for profits in a way no other source will or can. So, avoid it at all costs. It is like jumping into the fire, knowing it will burn you down.

Pro Tip: You should do your research and study. Digital dealings and virtual currencies are hot-selling topics, and everyone wants to discuss them. But, it should result from proper research and trends despite being something random but strong enough to affect your portfolio for the worst.


So, these are the six common mistakes that investors tend to commit irrespective of their exposure and experience. Keep a note of them and watch your portfolio become stable and grow with your research-based decisions.

Happy trading!