COVID-19: Function Hall owners hit by lockdown

Hyderabad(Hyd): Night curfew has raised in this city. It has been to prevent late-night gatherings (or) crowding about any shop (or) markets.

Though the govt of Telangana (TL) has raised the night curfew & lock-down, it’s not permitted function halls to run in night.

The govt had given permission for only 50 people in a function hall. There have been nearly 70 – 80 people involving waiters, chef, watchmen, electricians & phase decorators who’re functioning within the function halls & are as of now struggling for their own needs.

As per a record, only 20 percent function halls have been run by their own proprietors & largely it’ll give on rent (or) lease.

The function hall proprietors & the care taker of wedding halls appealed the govt to give permission for the functions (or) marriages in function halls as all this constraints & night curfew had raised.

They believe that the govt going to accept their own appeal & give permission for marriage & reception functions in function halls.