COVID-19 can be treated for Rs 10K, says TS health minister

HYDERABAD: Amidst large-scale cases of private hospitals fleecing COVID-19 sufferers, Telangana (TL) Health Minister E. Rajender on Sun. stated a patient could be handled for INR 10,000.

The minister informed journalists that the medication for COVID-19 is not expensive. “In case we keep aside medicines like Remdesivir, Tosilizumab & Favipiravir, the medication of COVID-19 medication is needed, it could cost a maximum of INR One lakh. It doesn’t require a daily INR One lakh (or) INR Two lakh,” he stated.

Rajender stated from citizens have been scared, private hospitals have been creating them pay in advance for allocation of berths & INR One lakh daily for medication. “It’s unfortunate that they’re charging INR 10 lakh to INR 15 lakh,” he stated & alerted that action would be taken over hospitals that are acting irresponsibly & burdening citizens with inflated invoices.

The govt was getting multiple cases over private hospitals that they have been overcharging & also resorting to torture.

“We’ve got numerous cases like making artificial shortage of berths, insisting INR 3-Four lakh as advance, charging INR 1-Two lakh per day for medication, not releasing the body unless invoices are clarified, treating asymptomatic instances, inflating their own medical invoices & dumping sufferers in govt hospitals once their own circumstances turn severe,” the minister had stated in a review gathering on Sat..

The minister on Sun. also advised citizens not to rush to private hospitals in panic, however seek medication in govt hospitals that are offering best medication both in dists & in Hyderabad.

He stated berths have been available in enough numbers in govt hospitals like the Gandhi Hospital (3), the Chest Hospital (3), the King Koti Hospital (3), the Fever Hospital (3) & the Telangana (TL) Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS).

Rajender has been speaking to journalists after a check to the TIMS, a newly-established hospital (3) & a committed COVID-19 ability. Wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & accompanied by top authorities, he went across the building, involving the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), & engaged with COVID-19 sufferers & enquired regarding their own issues, medication & the facilities available.

He stated the 1,350-bed TIMS has been prepared with the finest infra-structure involving ICUs, wards, rooms, labs, & the recently-launched medicines for COVID-19 medication.

Rajender advised citizens to seek medication immediately after noticing COVID-19 signs as the delay has been leading to complications, specially amongst those with a biography of respiratory problems. “Lungs of such sufferers are getting affected in case there is a delay of 4-Five days in taking the medication,” he stated.

Stating that oxygen is extra permanent for medication of COVID-19, the minister stated liquid oxygen tankers have been being provided in government-run hospitals to overcome the shortage of oxygen cylinders.

Awhile this ability has been already given within the Gandhi Hospital (3), different hospitals like MGM in Warangal & Sarojni Devi, Chest Hospital (3), King Koti Hospital (3), Fever Hospital (3) & Osmania Hospitals would also have liquid oxygen tankers before Aug 10.

Telangana recorded 66,677 COVID-19 instances & 540 demises as of Aug 1.