Coronavirus in Pangasinan: 170 Cases of COVID-19 under observation in Pangasinan

Local governments at Pangasinan are keeping a watch on 170 men who came in contact with a Filipino-Australian lady infected with the coronavirus disorder (COVID-19) as they tested negative for the disease, the manager of the Department of Public Health (DOH) from the area said.

The 170 men failed to demonstrate any signs of the illness and experienced a quarantine period, said director for the DOH from the Ilocos region, Valeriano Lopez.

“We will give it an attempt to track them to some other week para sigurado,” said Lopez, who worried that Pangasinan stayed free of the disease.

The girl went on February 22 to Pangasinan to attend a class. She tested positive for COVID-19 March 3 after arriving in Australia and returned to Manila.

Two men believed as sufferers under analysis (PUIs) for its disorder, meanwhile, stayed under quarantine at a hospital at Pangasinan, local health officials said. They comprise an employee that is overseas and also an older from Spain.

Officials believed both PUIs’ connections under tracking as individuals, said health club Anna Guzman.

As of Monday, the Philippines has listed 20 cases of COVID-19, which has been caused by the virus.

President Rodrigo Duterte has put the nation to help contain the spread of this illness.

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