Congress pushing itself as main opposition party in UP

New Delhi: Amidst the face-off between the Congress & the BJP in WP, the nearly dormant Congress is granting a hard fight to the governing party on the streets of Lucknow. On Tue., state Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu & Congress legislature party leader Aradhana Misra staged rallies over the detain of Congress minority cell chief Shahnawaz Alam.

Prior to this, the Congress state chief has been witnessed in a verbal spat with police personnel on Mon. night when Alam has been detained by this Lucknow police for his own claimed character within the anti-CAA violence that occurred in Dec previous year.

Ever from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra taken over as party in charge of eastern UP, the Congress was confronting the Yogi Adityanath govt on each problem — the most previous has been the buses for migrants where Priyanka Gandhi captured the Yogi govt off guard & offered 1,000 buses to transport migrants.

Jitin Prasada, a Congress Functioning Committee member from that state, stated “Only the Congress is rising the problem of citizens — from migrants to collapse of law & order within the state to the killings of the Brahmins, that has rised in this regime.”

Aiming a barb in the CM who belongs to the Rajput society, Prasada stated “the govt is rattled by this Congress rising problems continuously.”

“1st, our state president has been held in jail for 4 weeks on fraud charges. As of now this police action is repressive & undemocratic. Congress labour aren’t afraid of police & fraud instances,” Priyanka Gandhi stated in a tweet on Tue. in the morning.

The Congress chiefs claimed that the SP & the BSP were maintaining mum, with Priyanka Gandhi even targetting BSP leader Mayawati informing she has been the unofficial spokesman of the BJP.

“As I stated, some of the opposition chiefs have becomes unannounced spokespersons of the BJP, that is beyond my comprehension,” Priyanka claimed.

The Congress wants to place itself to a position where it’s discussed a severe player in UP politics where the SP & the BSP have core votebanks that the Congress lacks, a Congress leader stated.

However the issue plaguing the party for long is its weak organisation that is as of now being fixed by infusing new blood. The Congress leader is eyeing the BSP’s Dalit vote bank & wants to discredit Mayawati by accusing her of being with the BJP as the Congress imagines the vote is over the BJP. Also, during the Coronavirus crises the BSP has reportedly left its supporters to fend for themselves, stated a party insider.

The Congress by taking a fierce anti-CAA stand has already made a dent within the Muslim votebank of the SP. However the party knows that this vote going to only come when it’ll have a core base.

The other Congress leader Vishwanath Chaturvedi stated, “without Brahmins the survival of the Congress within the state is tough as the core vote is Brahmin, Dalit & Muslim & to fight BJP the Congress going to have to tap the help of this society that is miffed with the BJP.”