How to Clean your Home with Medicinal Plants

Many times we are attentive to cleaning our hair, our nails, our skin, we take care of our entire body and we are attentive to it. But you know how important it is to take care of our spiritual part and be attentive to what we feel and carry within our being. Do you know how we can achieve a feeling of peace and tranquility? Our home is the most important place to do so, it is our anchor the we spend most of our time here. If we are having a stressful day, we cannot wait to get back home and recharge.

This is when it becomes important, to give ourselves time to fill the space of our house with harmony and peace, we are emotional beings that we cannot detach from our body. Learn about the plants that help to clean our spaces because right now, you do not know how much peace you will experience. I am going to show you how to get to know these wonderful plants, and which one you will like according to what you will need to achieve tranquility and peace.

What do you need to sahumar?

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Before knowing which plants you are going to use, and how to use them, you must know the instruments to be able to do a very good clean. The first thing you need is an incense burner, a bowl where you can deposit the dried herbs to set them on fire and safely give off their pleasant smoke. And the coals, the most recommended are the vegetables, round and flat. You have to confirm that they are not damp. Well, the coals that work perfectly are those that are free of moisture. So the plants that you burn with coal will do it slowly and safely.

These elements can be obtained in santerías stores or stores where they sell esoteric things. There are also web portals where you can find supplies and guidance in the use of these cleanses with sacred plants. Normally, either in a physical store or a web portal, you can find people who can guide you when carrying out a clean, they are usually very friendly and understandable people. Cheer up!

Why is it important to clean?

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Emotional health is important, although it is important to worry about our physical state, the link and connection between physical and emotional is a plane that converges and does not deserve to be separated. Well, emotions are those that dominate our state of mind, and sensations are those that can predispose us to attract disease. I explain it more clearly, if we are in a very bad mood, down, sad or worried, normally we are going to be prone to diseases, such as low back pain, headaches, heaviness of the body, and sensitivity to immune diseases.

You have heard that our body is a temple where all our energy is internalized, and from there we can project that energy to the rest. But what happens when our energy is negative or not good. That is what you project, what you give. So, if you want to change that negative plane, you must perform cleanses to start over, cleanse your energy, clarify yourself and project the good. We must be light, even when we do not know in what way. The important thing is to start small and this is one of them.

Steps to clean your home and attract good energy

1. Have a clear intention

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When you start the incense, you must be clear that this is an ancestral rite, therefore you must have an intention. Spiritual or energetic cleansing is a rite where smoke is used as purification. So your intention has to be very sincere and clear. It is the starting point to start the clean, and you are going to meditate on it in a calm and relaxed way so that you can lower the levels of stress and tension that usually make your head and body feel heavy in your home. If you are looking for that peace of mind you must focus and be calm, at the moment of spiritual cleansing you must be with your whole being at peace. As advice, you can repeat your intention in the form of a mantra, repeat it slowly about eleven times, for example: “I wish for peace and harmony in me and my home.” Wish it beautifully and with love. For all the good in what you’re doing.

2. Choose your cleaning materials

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The plants and resins that are used have a purpose, I am going to recommend plants and their help in a clean one. Many plants have a leading role throughout history. Our ancestors knew the energy value of these plants and used them to heal. I will show you the most used plants and their purposes.

Palo Santo

This sacred wood is a tree that grows in the dry forests of South America. This plant has a woody citrus aroma, with limonene properties, an antiseptic, anti-character, and antifungal agent. Smoking with this plant helps improve vision, clarity and helps bring good energy. For more information about Palo Santo products visit EcuadorianHands

White Salvia

Sage is a plant widely used in the past, due to its powerful energy level. It is very good to help clear all the unwanted energies. It can be used with the palo santo to make a stronger clean. Thus completely dissipating negative energies. Also, it is perfect for attracting love and compassion.


It is a plant with a fragrant smell, it helps to soothe and calm emotions. Perfect for giving mental clarity and peace. It can be used to clean it slowly by mentioning your intention.


With a pleasant smell, it has to purify properties, by burning it you can ward off bad energies. It is perfect for protecting the house and attracting good luck. Apart from smoking with this plant you can also load bouquets in the windows, it prevents evil and envy.

3. Start the Sahumery

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Open the windows, and clear the room, as the smoke cleans energetically, but it can be toxic in large quantities. You must take the incense and carry it around the room, and then leave it in an area where we will leave it for an hour to burn and clear the smoke by cleaning the room.

At the end of the cleaning, you will feel a pleasant smell and you will feel at peace. The clean ones are perfect to do every 15 days or every month. And if you become more observant, you will notice that you can clean up every time you notice negative energies hovering around your home.