Choti Sarrdarrni 20th August 2024 Written Update: Aditi plans for Vikram, Sarabjit and Meher’s meeting.

The daily episode begins with Aditi on her way to Gill mansion. Vikram calls her & requests in case she’s the photo of Bittu & Rana that he got (1) from Cctv footage & Aditi states yes. It’s disclosed that he identified out regarding Bittu & Rana being Meher’s brothers & states that he understood it already.

He states that it’s the right time to meet Sarabjit & Meher. Aditi comes to Sarabjit’s Home. On the different side Sarabjit informs Meher that Vikram going to close the inquiry shortly & Meher sighs in relief. Aditi comes there & states that she’s there to see on Karan’s health.

Sarabjit & Meher feels grateful for her worry & gratitude her for the same. Sarabjit praises her that she’s like his own sister Harleen & Aditi gets emotional.

She states that they’re also a part of her family (4) & wishes for them to meet her personal life partner. She discloses her fiancee as Vikram Deewan shocking Sarabjit & Meher. She states that she wants to present him formally to them. Sarab feels something odd regarding it awhile Harleen gets irked knowing regarding it.

Aditi notices Harleen’s face & requests in case she’s angry on Vikram. She states that she also saw the information regarding the scam however is kinda in a helpless status. She acts feeling bad for the way Vikram behaved with Sarabjit.

Sarab intervenes & states that he’s nothing over Vikram as he’s just doing his own work. Aditi invites them for dinner so that she could present them to Vikram.

In 1st they tries refusing however Aditi states that being orphan she doesn’t have anybody different than them. Sarab & Meher agrees for the sake of Aditi & Aditi leaves with Param. Aditi states Param that she’s something to give him. She’s regarding to give her inhaler however Meher comes in the exact same time & she hides it.

Param pester her to give his own gift & Aditi gifts him a toy. Once Meher is gone she imparts Param the inhaler requesting him to keep it a secret from Meher. Param agrees & leaves awhile Aditi smirks.

Harleen requests Sarab the reason for accepting the invitation.

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