Choti Sarrdarrni 15th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Meher and Sarab prove the latter’s innocence

The daily episode begins with lights turning on & everybody clapping as Gill family (4) has finally reunited. Param comes & requests what happened. Meher informs him that they identified his own aunt Aditi, their own Guddi. Param states that he’d identified Aditi aunt the 1st day itself. Aditi kneels ahead of Param & hugs him crying. Param requests why she’s crying & requests her to block crying.

Aditi kisses his own forehead & gets up.
Meher requests Aditi why she taken so much time to unite with them. Aditi replies that she couldn’t gather courage & requests just how they got (1) to really know it suddenly.

Harleen states that they must take (2) it as God’s sign. Sarab states that God’s “Meher” (kindness) has blessed him again today looking in Meher & thanking her as without her they’d have never identified Guddi.

Meher gratitude him from it wouldn’t were possible without him. Param forwards a hand informing that when Meher & Sarab are together they could win any battle.

Meher & Sarab join hands with him. Vikram states to Sarab that as of now he’s his own officer brother-in-law.

Rana requests Kulwant whether they’ll have to call Vikram “jija ji” as of now onwards. Kulwant states that sometimes she feels he’s like a treasure. Rana requests in case she means that he’s precious. Kulwant rejects & states that she feels like burying him underground. She curses Vikram who’s as of now officially linked to this family (4).

The ring ceremony begins. Vikram makes Aditi wear the ring. Meher, Sarab, Harleen & remaining throw flower petals on them & clap happily. Sarab imparts ring to Aditi who holds Vikram’s hand & is regarding to make him wear the ring when his own phone rings. Seema forbids him from picking up the call. Vikram states that he’s putting the mobile on silent however gets surprised seeing that it’s Raghav sir’s call.

He excuses himself & goes to participate the call as it’s an important 1.

Raghav apologizes to Vikram because he knows he should be within the midst of his own engagement. He shocks Vikram requesting him to hand over the complaint to Rao as he’ll handle it as of now onwards. Raghav states that he’s getting dropped from complaint & cuts the call after wishing him a happy wedded personal life. Vikram is stunned.

Seema goes to take (2) Vikram who moves towards Aditi glaring in Sarab. Seema requests Aditi to make Vikram wear the ring. Vikram imparts his own hand to Aditi & recalls Sarab assuring him to evident all this accusations on him before her sister’s marriage. Aditi is regarding to make Vikram wear the ring however he clenches his own fist glaring in Sarab.

Sarab requests in case everything is fine. Vikram states that all is well & blames him for playing a big game: on 1 side he made a assure to him & is getting him wedded however on the different hand he kicked him out from that complaint. Everybody looks on surprised. Sarab requests why he’d accomplish something like that. Vikram states that he’s the same query & accuses him for interfering in his own inquiry.

Meher speaks up & requests Vikram to block it & think before talking. Sarab tries to make her quiet. Meher requests Vikram in case he’s any evidence that Sarab got (1) his own transfer finished & sums that in case Sarab wanted to accomplish that, he can have got (1) him transferred after his own marriage & not during this engagement. Sarab requests Meher to calm down.

Seema & Suraj try to block Vikram from all this however Vikram states that he doesn’t like anybody getting engaged into his own inquiry. Sarab states that he understands his own anger however this is not the time to show that from it’s time for his own engagement & they could talk thereafter. Vikram requests him to talk now in case he wants however there is nothing left to say & his own work (5) is finished from he’s out of this complaint.

Aditi scolds Vikram from he always has some of the issue & is making a scene within the midst of engagement. Vikram states that Sarab assured him to give all information linked with the seeds scam. Aditi requests him in case she’s any worth for him & requests him to tell it now in case he’s willing to handle her like this even after marriage. Vikram states that she isn’t understanding that it’s all a schedule. Sarab rejects that.

Seema requests Vikram to listen to what everybody is informing & there is no auspicious time for the next 3 yrs. for the marriage so she appeals him to drop the topic. Meher requests Aditi to calm down as well.

Aditi joins her hands ahead of Seema & Suraj & apologizes informing that she can’t accomplish this engagement. Vikram is stunned. Aditi deletes the ring Vikram made her wear & is regarding to walk far away however Harleen stops her. Kulwant comments that citizens gain separated after marriage & these 2 are getting separated before engagement itself.

Vikram requests Sarab in case he’s happy as of now. Harleen believes that Sarab is right & requests him to make everything fine too. She requests him to call CM, to Delhi(DL) (or) anywhere & block the transfer. Sarab states that he can’t make (or) block anybody’s transfer from he’s never finished anything unfair. Vikram tries to speak up however Sarab cuts him informing that he’s listened to him sufficient however as of now the issue is also regarding his own sister, her engagement & fact.

Aditi is regarding to leave however Sarab stops him. He moves to her & places his own hands on her shoulders informing that his own heart going to break in case she moves far from there. He appeals her to give him a opportunity. Aditi agrees. Harleen smiles.

Seema states that auspicious time is passing. Sarab requests her not to take (2) tension as he’s worried regarding her sister’s engagement as well however he could assure that the whole fact going to eb ahead of everybody within the next 3 minutes. He looks in Meher who nods.

Meher requests everybody to look in the projector for the next minute. She states that Sarab is being charged falsely from the last 1 mo for a seeds scam value 2 thousand crores & numerous citizens, involving media, hyped the issue a lot. She states that CBI attempted tough however didn’t gain any evidence because they have been creating some of the basic errors throughout inquiry. Vikram requests in case she need to teach him just how inquiry is finished. Meher states that she’ll clarify him his own 3 errors.

She turns on the projector & states that she’ll inquire Vikram a query awhile the file going to open. She requests him what’s his own favorite dish. Everybody is confused. Vikram requests Meher to come to the point. Sarab points out that he’s the bad habit of interrupting & requests him to be calm otherwise he’ll keep repeating same errors within the future too. He requests Seema to tell Vikram’s favorite dish.

Seema informs them that he likes sarson ka saag a lot. Meher states that sarson ka saag is a rabi crop that is sown in winter. Vikram chuckles & states that even 5th class kids really know that.

Meher states that his own knowledge is under kids. She shows an invoice on projector & states that the date when seeds have been purchased is fourth Apr 2024. She states that seeds have been purchased in march however who’d sow these seeds on march & same errors were made in different seeds’ bills too. She shows the bills on projector.

Sarab requests Meher to show the next file. Meher does that. Sarab states that the 10 businesses taken credit from govt however announced bankruptcy when they’d to repatriate the amount informing that seeds got (1) spoilt. He requests why they didn’t inquire for insurance. He informs that these seeds weren’t even real & the post were made up on papers only.

Meher states that the 3rd error has been that Vikram kept his own attention only on Sarab when the scam has been finished by someone else behind his own back & in case he’d put so much measures also on remaining, he’d have captured the junior minister Ranbir Randhawa. Sarab states that he even confessed that & shows a video footage of Randhawa surrendering.

Kulwant claps as her daughter & son-in-law did what not even CBI can accomplish. She requests everybody to clap. Everybody claps. Vikram smiles. Sarab states that he didn’t let his own sister’s engagement break & not even his own assure.

Vikram requests why he didn’t tell this to him previously. Sarab states that he wanted to tell him everything after engagement however he blamed him as usual & he sums that he’s no idea who got (1) his own transfer finished. Suraj looks down. Sarab states that he knows that he disappointed his own sister Guddi a lot & he can’t bear that so he shall apologize to her.

Meher goes to Aditi & requests her to take (2) call without getting emotional. Sarab goes to Vikram & states that none becomes smaller by apologizing & sums that final call should be his own & Guddi’s.

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