7 Things To Know Before Choosing Electric Shaver – 2024 Guide

Maintaining your facial hair is something that every man should do to look clean and well-groomed. Nobody wants to see an untidy person. When it comes to keeping your facial hair well-groomed, you will have to shave some parts, and trim others. Also, there will be situations where you will need to shave off completely, especially for formal events where that is necessary. Doing that with a regular razor is very time-consuming, and you will have to replace it often because it needs to be sharp.

To avoid spending too much, but in a longer period, save time, and most importantly, avoid cuts and other unwanted things that can happen if you are not being careful while shaving, you should invest in an electric shaver. There are many different options and models that you can choose from, and that is why it is important to know what you want before going out and look for one.

In this article, we will talk about all the things that you have to know before you go out and choose an electric shaver.

1. Which one to choose

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There are two different types when it comes to electric shavers. They both work in a similar principle, but they have differences that may work in your favor on not. The first option is a foil one, which is actually a shaver that has many razors under a curved metal that protects your skin from direct contact with the blades. If you were wondering how this works, it is really straightforward. When you drag the shaver across your face, the foil introduces your hairs to the razors, and that is how they are shaven.

Within the package, you will get different types of foils so you can attach them for different lengths of facial hair. The only drawback of this device is that it is a little bit noisy. The other option that you can choose is the rotary one. This is the shaver that you have seen with three circles. This is a great option if you have thicker facial hair and you don’t plan on shaving every day.

The principle on how they work is pretty much similar to the other option from above. The circles are actually a set of razors that are hidden to avoid direct exposure to your skin, so you avoid cutting. They are good at getting every single hair because they form around your face with ease. Unlike the other option, these shavers are not as loud, definitely a benefit.

2. With or without a cable

This is another selection that you will have to make when choosing the perfect product for you. According to afreshshave.com, If you are comfortable using a cable, this is the option for you because you will get the full performance with every use. However, if you don’t want something tangling around your arm or causing problems with your movement, you should think about the other option. Also, if the cable is not permanently connected with the shaver, with usage, it may become too loose and it may come out of the port with some movement, which might ruin your shaving experience.

If you are a fan of devices without a cable, you should choose this one. It offers mobility and practicality way more than the option with a cable. You can take it with you if you plan on going on a vacation as well. However, when the battery runs low, it may slow down the razors, that way, you will not be able to use the shaver properly and you might be disappointed. If you want to use it the best way possible, make sure that it is always charged, so you avoid problems like these.

3. Product care

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Every razor needs to be sharped from time to time if you want to work properly. Also, every device needs to be maintained for the same purpose, to work properly and to last longer. You will have to regularly take care of the shaver, which means cleaning it from stuck hairs and also putting oils to the blades so they work how they should, as suggested by www.goodelectricshaver.com.

4. Extras

These are the items that come with the shaver, or the additional items that are included inside the package. Some shavers have included different guards for different lengths of the beard. Some come with a cleaning kit, and some with an oil that you should use for maintenance. When making a decision on which shaving machine to buy, you should consider these items that are or are not included in them.

5. Battery longevity

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When you are weighting more to an option without a cable, it means that it operates with a battery. You will have to pay attention to the longevity of the battery, or in other words, how many hours does it work. Don’t get an item that has very little working time because you might not finish in time.

6. Guarantee

This is a thing to consider every time you buy something. Since it is a device, it may break, or stop working properly. That is why a guarantee or a warranty will help you to have your item fixed or replaced. When choosing the shaver, pay attention to see how long the warranty is and get the item with the longest one, that way, you will be protected from faulty for a longer period of time.

7. Price

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The last on this list, but maybe one of the most important things, is the price. This is really something that is very subjective because everyone has a different budget for a certain product that he can afford. That is why you will have to make plans beforehand to know how much you can spend and that will help you make a filter or a selection of items to that price range. When you know how much you want to spend, you will look for everything on this list to make sure that you get the perfect item that will serve you for a long time, and most importantly, you will enjoy using it.