Chithi 1st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Chithi 1 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Chithi 30th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sarada sighed sadly – Shraddha shouting in Nandini. He states he’ll never forgive Nandini for breaking up Yajini’s marriage. Wanba gets there & requests for everything.

Sharadha informs Nandini that she’s all the time supported her & forgiven all her errors. She’s finished no great to anybody. She has been all the time derogatory everybody.

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She broke Yazini’s Marriage, sending Mallika to jail. After ruining the lady’s personal life she could never live happily ever after. Shanmugam stops Sharda from granting any curse as Nandini is his own son’s spouse.

Sarada leaves Nandini informing that she could never defeat her.Kavin brings meal to Mallika. The latter is glad to watch her son.

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Kavin apologizes for hurting by speaking regarding unnecessary things. Mallika states she’s doing everything for him. She apologizes for shouting in him. She requests in case he’s meal, & she replies that there is no Kavin.

Mallika feeds Kavin. The latter requests Mallika to eat 1st.Mallika states she’s struggled a lot in her personal life. She has been deceived on by her own friends.

She learnt not to trust anybody except herself. She informs him that in case he (Kavin) is with her, she could beat the whole globe. Kavin states he’ll all the time be with her.

Mallika states she’s still breathing because he’s with her. She desires to distribute this with him. Kavin states nothing else matters to him. He feeds her.I remember Nandhini slapping Sharada.

Getting there as a god. Nandini throws all things on the floor. She informs just how Sarada slapped her. She angrily informs Sharada not to leave. She says to take avenge on Sharadala by utilizing her enemy Mallika.

Sharadala, who sent her to prison, won’t be left behind. Nandini smiled as she has been regarding to pour oil on the fire. Afterwards Devanagi delights in thinking that Sharada & Nandini going to never be together again.Sharda stops Yazini outdoor the PS (police station).

She requests Sharda just how Yajini could talk to her without feeling any guilt. Sharda states she’s innocent. Arun’s video footage demonstrated that Narudhini taken the video footage & sends it to the police. Yajini rejects to believe her. She accuses him of taking avenge over Mallika. She informs him not to act ahead of her.

Yajini informs her that she’s to pay for her sin. Sharda states she can’t watch Mallika’s fact because she’s blinded by her love for Mallika.

She requests in case she doesn’t know she’s innocent. Yajini requests her to leave her alone & threatens Sharada to keep her in limbo.

Wenba phones Kavin. She informs Kavin that Nandini is the person who sent Mallika behind the bar & broke Yajini’s marriage. She appeals him to tell the fact to the Yagna. Kavin states her mom must be granted bail 1st. He cuts the call.

Sarada sighed sadly, recalling Yarini’s harsh words. Shanmugam gets drunk & comes house. He states he has been depressed because he has been drunk.

He informs her why it has been happening with her, she desired Yajini’s wedding to take place without any interruptions however the marriage didn’t happen. Wenba looks in everything sadly.

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Ongoing Updates: 30th November 2024 / (1-12-2020)

First episode date: January 2024
Language: Tamil
Number of episodes: 110
Networks: Sun TV
Composer: Dhina

Episode Timings On TV:

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Sun TV: 9:30pm (IST)
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Chithi Cast:

  • Sandhya Roy
  • Samit Bhanja
  • Ajitesh Bannerjee
  • Subrata Chatterjee
  • Rabi Ghosh

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