How to Buy an Essay Online

Buying a finished essay is always a matter of debate – is it legal and ethical? We will emphasize from the very beginning that it is completely legal to write and sell an essay or to buy it from someone who has more time and talent to write it well. The ethical aspect is also controversial, as the purpose of such writing is to explore a particular topic and give an opinion. On the other hand, people earn from it, but others also gain a title that they did not work for themselves.

No matter what the background of such talent trading, the fast custom essays exist as a concept, and there are enough interested customers for such a service.

But first, what is an essay?


An essay is a piece of writing that serves to inform the reader about a particular topic, with a personal reference to the person who wrote it. It works on a given topic, sets a thesis, and explores the findings so far. If necessary, data from the author’s own research are entered.

With the help of this format, the knowledge of the one who writes it is checked, but also the way it is transmitted to the readers.

Of course, the problem arises with those who do not know how to express their knowledge in a way that everyone will understand.

Is buying essays allowed?

When we put aside all the ethical dilemmas, asking for help from someone who can do it better is quite expected. Paying for this type of service is more than advisable because someone invests the time and effort that the client should have invested primarily.

That’s why it is said that the user of such a service actually buys the finished product.

If you are one of those who recognize yourself in the description, then we will start from the fact that you understand the topic but do not know how to translate it into your own words – so we will help you where to find a service that offers fast custom essays:

1. Specialized essay writing pages


Fortunately, nowadays you can find a service where you will buy written text, at a price at which you agree with the one who will write. At you can find a complete offer of what you need to complete that writing.

This and similar services offer fast delivery at competitive prices. You need to set the writing criteria. You will usually get a price according to the pages, but also based on how long the deadline is, and also the complexity of the topic itself. At the same time, you will always be sure that there will not be the slightest percentage of plagiarism, as well as that you will receive several free revisions included in the price.

Best of all, these services are completely confidential and you will not have to worry that someone may find out that you have used such a service.

2. Freelance platforms


On freelance sites, you can easily find freelancers who offer writing academic papers of various kinds. There you can see their price rates and accordingly choose who you want to hire.

This process is a bit more difficult as it can take time to negotiate, interview and talk. However, it is not impossible, because many freelancers offer this service, at prices that they set themselves. It is up to you to find the ones that meet your requirements.

3. Talented people you know


Sometimes the right people for this type of service are around you. Try not to be your classmates, as it is really unethical and they themselves need more time to work on their essays.

However, if you are looking for fast custom essays, you can turn to your siblings, friends, parents, cousins, anyone around you. Offer to pay for what you get.

We all know at least one person who can meet you, so it’s good to know where to start looking and of course, do not expect this service to be free. It is fair to pay, and if you are turned down for money, then find a way to make up for the time and effort.

Ethical dilemmas regarding the purchase of academic papers

Be prepared that you may ever get additional questions about what you have written. Your teachers follow the whole educational process and if you are an average student, the top essay will not make up for what you missed during the semester.

One solution is to dedicate yourself to learning the material and to reading and understanding the essay you have purchased.

Many believe that it is cheating and that those who buy academic writings should be suspended from college. However, things can not be seen as extremes, because there are students who have a great understanding of what they are learning, but writing is their weak point.

We would say that you need to clear yourself of the moral dilemma before you buy an essay for school or college.

It is best when you hire an author, to inform him about your level of understanding and reasoning of things so that the final product corresponds to what you have achieved in practice.

Note: Dedicated teachers often manage to notice when the student has worked on the essay alone and when someone else has written it for him. Be prepared for that risk as well.


Leaving aside ethical issues, as well as the chance of being caught and labeled a cheater, we can conclude that you have several proven options for accessing your essay in a completely legal way.

As we have already said, such a service is not prohibited by law and there are many more people who write about someone else. But it is up to you to decide how you will use these benefits that today’s modern world has to offer.

However, do not forget that the knowledge and grades that you have acquired yourself are the most relevant measure of how capable and professional you are in your field. Even the best essay can not change that fact.