Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth tells Shehnaz, If you are not loyal to parents then you’re not loyal to anyone

Shehnaz Gill again tries to irritate Sidharth Shukla’s. Sidharth Shukla is upset and not in the right place after the fight with Asim and was now sitting alone in the garden spot.

Shehnaz finds him giggles stating, “I understand you’re mad but I can not restrain my bliss seeing you.” Shehnaz attempts to make him speak but Sidharth says enough is enough. Shehnaz asks if he’ll remain like this for another month and keeps laughing.

Sidharth is upset Shahnaz can not appear to comprehend. Her head rests but he pushes her away and sits at a different couch. Sidharth informs her, “that I was not speaking to you personally as a timepass.

But after fulfilling with men and women I learned and have noticed. You can not be loyal to anyone if you can not be faithful to your parents. I really don’t like to associate with such men and women.” He leaves out of the backyard area.

Shehnaz looks damage and follows Sidharth into the bath and asks him how did he create such a statement. Sidharth says, “You and I’ve spent enough feelings and time in this and that I can not do this anymore.”

Shehnaz leaves and tells him to not speak. She cries and goes to the bedroom.

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