‘Big Brother: All Stars’ Fans Are Claiming Season 22 Is “Rigged” and “Totally Unfair”

Although Big Brother: All Stars just kicked off season 22 Wed. night, it’s already drawing ire from some of the fans watching in house. The long-running CBS show prompted Twitter backlash after one such 1st competitions for the housemates surfaced titled within the male contestants’ favor.

It all initiated when the search for the Head of Home (HOH) kicked off. Upon accessing the Big Brother home, contestants had to answer a query & search using the home for the answer (that stopped up being the rooms themselves). Once they identified their own answers/designated rooms, they afterwards had to lock them in on their own giant game boards. To accomplish this, every contestant had to maneuver balls into the holes associated with the rooms of the home on the game board.

Seems straightforward, right? Well, kinda … except for the truth that, as per #BB22 Twitter, the female housemates had rooms that have been furthest far away for the ball to approach on the board, creating it much extra tough to full the task. As a consequence, majority of the male contestants qualified for the next round. Eventually, Cody Calafiore has been announced the champion.

The challenge made fans watching in house quite upset, calling the obstacle “rigged” & “totally unfair.”

This is hardly the for the first time Big Brother has landed in hot water. On a much extra severe note, last season Big Brother prompted serious backlash after 1 of its contestants, Jack Matthews, spewed racist & insulting comments regarding his own fellow housemates Kemi Fakunle & Isabella Wang. Upon his own eviction, Jack apologized for the remarks he made regarding Kemi & said that his own comment in regards to Bella had nothing to accomplish with her race.

In this season although, it’s evident fans are hoping the CBS show puts forth fairer competitions moving forward. & in case they do not, #BB22 Twitter going to definitely speak out.

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