Bharathi Kannamma 11th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Bharathi kannamma 11 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (11-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Bharathi kannamma 10th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kannamma arriving in her new office.

Carrying her baby & meal in hand. She meets the boss. She greets Kannamma there & states her 1st day on work.

So she doesn’t mind being late for work however going to be at the right time by tomorrow. Kannamma nodded her laugh.

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She requests Kannamma to begin her work like the remaining. She named a crew & taken Kannamma to her place of work & inquired her to take convenience in this new job. Begin with change work. She nods & takes Kannamma with her.

She shows her seat to Kannamman. They say this is a small office, we only gain big orders within the festival. Orels we’ve less work here, we may as well leave shortly. Going to Kannamma inquire for his own name? She replies foggy.

Manju presents Kannamma to everybody there. Inquire him where the fog is holding his own baby. Kannamma has been glancing here & there. She’s worried that Manju has grown up here till she’s 6 yrs.

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Old, so we’ve nothing to worry regarding, we take care of her baby. She takes the saree in her hand & cradles it. Kannamma is excited to watch it. Kannamma nicely put her baby in it & initiated her work. Her colleagues also support her.

Kannamma imagines in her mind that she’s tough functioning & proud of Soundarya. Wenba approaches the front of Bharti’s home & imagines she’s as of now this son-in-law however she escaped the brutality. However it’ll happen shortly.

She desires to take Bharati to the temple with her on her b-day however she’s hesitant to go for fear of Akhil & Saundarya. So she phoned Bharati. He has been functioning on his own laptop. Wenba informs him she desires to meet him.

What does Bharti mean to her? She repeats that she needs to meet him. He requests her to meet him within the in the evening in the {hospital}. Wenba informs him she must meet him as of now. He requests for her whereabouts.

She reports him that she’s awaiting for him outdoor. He requests her to come in however she rejects it. Bharti steps down & sees her awaiting for him outdoor. He requests her why she’s awaiting here in place of coming inside.

When Wenba inquired him did he forget his own close friend’s b-day too? Bharati apologizes to her & wishes her a happy b-day. She requests him to hug her. He too hugs her. Wenba literally enjoys that moment with him.

Informs her to go to the temple with him. Bharti is hesitant to go to logic however she demands on accepting it. Wenba & Bharati approach the temple. Bharati requests her why she toured the temple in blue as she has been going to a party pub.

Is it the rule that Wenba shouldn’t go to the temple on her b-day? She desires to check the temple with a heart human. Kannamma is also within the same temple with her baby. She thanked God for her work.

The Priest comes there & requests her whose name Archana must accomplish. Kannamma informs him the name of the baby however she’s not called her yet. Priest requests her regarding the baby star.

Kannamma answered him. Just afterwards Venba & Bharati come in & watch Kannamma. They glare in every different. Priest requests Kannamma to name his own parents. Kannamma states that her mom & dad’s name is Dr. Bharti.

Bharti glared in her. Bharti & Venba come there & inquire the priests whose names they must worship. He answers him as Wenba & Bharti. Priest informs him that the baby’s dad, Bharti, is a doctor. Kannamma has added further blood too.

Bharti gets angry however Wenba stops him. Priests give them prasadas. Kannamma leaves 1st. Wenba hold Bharati’s hand to provoke Kannamma. Wenba Show a Tree Clarify to Bharati that in case they write their own wish on paper & tie it to a tree it’ll come right.

She believes in it. Bharti requests her what her desire is. What does she need? Does she think in her mind that she’ll only marry him? She too writes on paper that she must marry Bharathi & inquire for Bharti’s support to tie it to a tree.

Seeing it, Anger gets angry. Bharathi gets a call & moves from there to participate. Kannamma walked as many as Wenba & slapped her, informing the worst words, tearing down her mask & she can dispute with Bharati. However that doesn’t mean that she’s just happy to watch him lovin ‘him. He’s still the dad of her child.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 10th November 2024 / (11-11-2020)

First episode date: 25 February 2019
Language: Tamil
No. of episodes: 350
Genre: Soap opera
Directed by: Praveen Bennett

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Vijay TV: 10.00 – 10.30AM (IST)
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Bharathi kannamma Cast:

  • Roshini Haripriyan
  • Arun Prasad
  • Sweety

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