Beyhadh 2, 24th March 2024 Episode 83: Maya Searched Clues About Vikram

Beyhadh 2, 24th March 2024 Episode 83 Written Update – Maya Tries to Find Clues about Vikram.

Among the most popular television serial, Beyhadh 2, has lots of unexpected turns and twists in its kitty for the upcoming track. Beyhadh two has dug a market for itself since the genre is very different than every other Indian TV serial.

The thriller-drama investigates the dark side of its character Maya and is a revenge story. In the episode, Maya will attempt to escape out of the snare of Vikram.

In the promotional movie, Vikram will begin preparing food. Maya will stand from the kitchen by his side, whether the meals are being cooked by him. Maya will strike on a jar of wine the head of Vikram and will begin hitting him.

On the opposing side, Vikram will attempt to restrain Maya however she will figure out how to escape out of the house. She’ll rush into a room, which is the cellar of her construction to conceal from Vikram. From the cellar, a woman tied up will be found by Maya.

Throughout the Holi track, for your unversed, Rudra has to learn about the devilish side of Maya. MJ attempts to kill Maya but she’s rescued by Vikram, who’s the psycho enthusiast of Maya.

Vikram is hoping to win her heart, as Maya has lost her memory. But Maya understands Vikram is playing her and scents the rat. Maya finds the dead body in the cabinet of Rajiv as she begins exploring.

At the incident, she will be confronted by Vikram. It’ll be intriguing to learn what’s going to happen when she’ll confront Rudra and how Maya will remember her past that is horrible.

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