13 Best Practical Gift Ideas for First-Year Medical Students

If your friend is a medical student you probably know their struggles. First-years often face loads of different time-consuming challenges + they are under a lot of stress. If you want to make them feel relaxed and you want to make them feel happy & appreciated, you’ll enjoy this article. Here, we present you with the best & practical as well as some silly gift ideas that you should consider.

13 Best Practical Gift ideas For first-year medical students

1. A coffee mug

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First-year medical students need to be prepared for the challenges that are ahead, as well as anything that is going to come their way. For a lot of them, this means bringing a thermal travel mug and enjoying warm coffee at any given time! Get through those long exam nights with the right cup and feel energized. This mug is not too pricey either, yet it can make up for an amazing idea and as a random surprise.

2. Slip-on shoes

Remember that most students spend the majority of their days on foot. They have to walk around the class, volunteer, as well as be prepared for any drill that’s ahead. Go for some slippers or comfy slip-on shoes with memory foam to keep them in their perfect shape, and rested. You should invest in this present idea since it is about to be with them for several years.

3. Planner/organizer

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Every future doctor needs to feel organized & functional + they need to get their priorities straight. Go for a sturdier notebook that they can bring with them everywhere. Do not forget a pen as well and make this gift fully personalized and functional. Let them write down their wishes & their needs, classes, mealtime & breaks – they’ll love the concept.

4. Laptop bag

They could use this as a backpack shoulder bag, but definitely as their laptop bag. Let them bring all of their most important & necessary items, and prevent them from placing their everyday gadgets into their pockets. Although pockets are practical, they are not secure and you could end up losing your important notes and keys. A laptop bag is lightweight and a must-have for anyone.

5. Compression socks

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Wearing knee-high compression stockings will help those who spend a majority of their time on foot with improper circulation. Your legs can become tired, sore & achy + you could experience swelling. Prevent any varicose veins on time, and invest in a pair of compression socks.

6. A portable charger

A portable charger is a necessity for most people nowadays, no matter their profession or their age. We spend the majority of our free time online, and we tend to drain our batteries. This is why a portable charger that you can use at any given point & time is a must-have. Make sure that they are always online and only one phone call away, you never know who might need them.

7. Lunch box/meal box

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Your friend/cousin or anyone who is a medical student will need a lunch box in their life and with their primary accessories. A lunch box that is sturdy and just big enough will keep your luck hot your food fresh & good to go, while you’re on the go! Never skip a meal with the right lunch box.

8. A smartwatch

While your medical student is taking care of everyone else, they need to try and take care of themself. Oftentimes they will forget to boost their calorie intake, they will not get the right steps for the day, and they will not know how many hours of sleep they need or they’ve been working with. This is why a smartwatch that has the right tracking info, such as sleep & step patterns, as well as heart rate will let them look & perform their best.

9. Anatomy coloring book

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Do they love to color and relax their brain & mind from time to time? If so, a coloring book will help them relax whenever they’re in need of a quick fill-me-up. A coloring book will help with your tension, nerves, memory boost, as well as put you in the zen mode. Purchase the right coloring book, some pencils & a sharpener to make their experience even more fun & ideal.

10. Scrubs

Why not surprise them with some unisex & one-size scrubs, just for fun?! They will also want a white lab coat sometimes down the road, but a scrub suit is what is going to suit them at first. If they plan on spending several hours learning in trenches, get them the right kind. Go for their favorite color (for instance) and surprise them with a matching cap and a pair of gloves as well.

11. Laundry bag

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They’re not going to have any time to do laundry since they will always be on the move. This is why you should get them a sturdy & high-quality cotton laundry bag. Let them store all of their clothes in it and let them take their items every Saturday or Sunday to the laundry room. Save them some time from picking out & organizing their socks & dirty laundry by getting different sizes of laundry bags.

12. First aid kit

Physicians and medical students need to be on the lookout for themselves and their overall health. A first aid kit that they will keep in their home, dorm, or room is what most students don’t even own, to begin with. They rely so much on their school & the hospital itself, but who knows when this might come in handy.

13. Stethoscope

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Last, but not least, how about you prepare them for their future work and their practice with the right stethoscope? Med schools often have the equipment, but more often than not it is quite low-quality. So, why not surprise your special someone and get them a high-quality instrument that they will use for the rest of their career?! Check out this full list and see some of the best stethoscope ideas for medical students.