Today’s daily episode begins with Anirudh informing to Saurabh that none different than Bondita could support them in their own mission of compelling village ladies’s for utilizing People toilets. Saurabh requests Anirudh in case he’s sure.

Anirudh informs he’s felt Bondita has the capability to discussion & influence remaining with her word. She never hesitates to keep her words. Anirudh informs to Saurabh that Bondita herself felt the benefit of utilizing toilet & has informed him.

Mini interrupts & argues with Anirudh & requests in case ladies going to hear a kid. Anirudh than makes Mini recall the letter of Bondita that they got awhile playing tennis. Furthermore, Anirudh rules to write a speech for Bondita.

Different side, Mini tries to drape Bondita’s saree however Bondita states she don’t want her support anymore as she herself could accomplish it. Mini imagines Bondita is clever. Thereafter, when Bondita demonstrated her Anirudh’s graduation that she’s cleaned & changed it blank, Mini learnt Bondita is illiterate.

Mini imagines of an chance to derogate Bondita in Anirudh’s eye. She requests Bondita whatever Anirudh states to her just follow it in case she don’t need to angry him after what she did with his own graduation.

Bondita goes to Anirudh & Anirudh imparts her speech to learn. Bondita hides her illiterate fact from Anirudh according to Mini’s guideline.

Elsewhere, Saurabh requests Sampoorna to go & tell to Biraj & Surmari that she’s not carrying. Sampoorna gets confused & shares with Sumari & Biraj. Both of them inquire Sampoorna to believe them that she’s carrying.

There, Mini instigates Somnath & turns him over Bondita. Somnath shifts the speech of Bondita & make her learn unfair speech after Bondita inquire support from him.

Within the in the morning, Anirudh requests Bondita in case she’s prepared with the speech. Bondita states she’s confident. Anirudh requests Bondita to 1st give speech ahead of him. Somnath gets scared thinking Anirudh going to learn he’s turned the speech. (Daily episode Ends)

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